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How to write a will – Tips for writing a legally binding will

Planning ahead for the inevitable is never easy, but it’s necessary to make sure that your loved ones are cared for when you’re no longer around. A legally binding will can help provide a sense of closure and peace of mind so your family members know what they need in case anything happens. Perhaps you’re thinking about what will happen to your estate, home, or land. Maybe you’re worried about your beneficiaries and want to ensure that they receive all they deserve. Whatever the reason, a will is what’s needed to ensure that your final wishes are adhered to when you pass away.

10 Questions About Life Insurance Medical Exams

Are you thinking of applying for cover for the first time but have been too afraid of going for a life insurance medical exam to take the plunge? Fear of the unknown is only natural, but it shouldn’t prevent you from providing your loved ones with adequate financial support after you’ve passed away.

Does Trauma Insurance Cover Skin Cancer in Australia

Skin cancer in Australia is one of the most common forms of cancer. According to the Australian Government Cancer Council (2017), 10.4% of all cancers diagnosed in Australia were melanomas, usually black or brown skin spots that resemble moles, and although not the most common type of skin cancer, it caused the most deaths.

Finding Life Insurance For Diabetics In Australia Made Easy

Australians who have their diabetes under control can get life insurance. However, you are likely to pay more in premiums because life insurance companies view diabetics as a higher risk, meaning there is an increased probability that your policy will have to pay out.