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Compare Solar Panels Cost in Australia 2024

In the past decade, solar panel technology has been improving by leaps and bounds. It’s become so efficient that Australia is now one of the best places in the world to get a solar panel system for your home. So, if you’ve been wondering how much solar panels cost in Australia, this article will help you out.
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Updated: 24 May 2024

Solar energy is one of the most cost-effective and clean sources for power generation in a world where natural resources are becoming scarce. It’s no surprise that solar panels have been popping up all over Australia, due largely to government subsidies as well as an increased awareness within our culture about how much waste we contribute with traditional fuels as our main source. If you’re looking at going green with your home or business, there has never been a better reason than now.

Key facts

Solar panel prices 2021

Solar panels prices are currently at an all-time low, but there is speculation that they’ll start to increase again in 2022. The good news is that it’s still possible to get a great price by investing in the right panel system before the end of the year.

Compare 2021 solar panel prices in Australia:


Source: GoSolarQutes Price Index (Nov 2021)

The top 4 factors that impact solar panels costs

How much do solar panels cost by size

If you’re thinking about having a solar power system installed in your home, you’re likely wondering how much they cost. Solar systems come in all shapes and sizes, and the prices can vary widely. Here, we’ll take a look at the prices of solar power systems by size.

4kW Solar panel systems

One of the smaller options to have installed, a 4kW solar panels price often varies between $3,000 and $8,000 depending on where you live. Other factors that affect solar panel prices Australia include the cost of installation and whether or not you opt for batteries.

5kW solar system cost

If you want to buy solar panels that offer you good value for your money, then you may find that most 5kW solar panels for sale are typically a good option. The average 5kW solar system price generally ranges between $3,500 and $8,000. However, it’s typically a good idea to compare all of your options before you purchase cheap solar panels.

6kW solar panels cost

6kW panel systems or the increasingly popular 6.6kW solar panels for sale are a fairly affordable option that works well for medium-sized homes. Costing an average of between $4,000 and $9,000 they are a good option that’ll provide ample power while also producing an excess which you can feed back into the grid.

7kW solar panels price

The typical solar power systems prices for a system of this size generally ranges between $5,500 and $10,000. However, this could vary depending on the installers you opt for or whether or not you choose to have batteries installed as well. It’s usually a good idea to compare solar panels for sale to find the right panels for you and your family.

10kW solar panels for sale

These are generally the more expensive option when it comes to solar systems. 10kW solar panels cost are usually for sale for between $8,000 to $13,500. Although it’s a fairly large expense, with proper care you can prolong the lifespan of your panels and maximise the return you get with feed-in tariffs.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Yes, it can be done. The solar panels will pay for themselves on average in Australia. The installation cost is $4,325, but it’s often less than that with rebates and other discounts! With an annual electricity bill averaging at just over 1k per year, you’ll cover your investment within four years time. If you are producing more electricity than your household can use, you can feed into the grid and receive tariffs for the extra power, which can help pay off your solar panels.

Solar panels are an investment that can serve you well for decades, but they don’t mean neglect. A yearly inspection and cleaning are recommended to ensure the continued benefits of this long-term plan. When it’s time to install your solar system or if you need professional maintenance services in order to maintain its condition over the years, you will need to spend money. The average cost to maintain solar panels ranges from $300-$700, with the main expenses being cleaning and inspecting a basic 2KW system on bungalow-style houses.

Yes, solar panels can save you money in the long term. You will reduce or even eliminate your electricity bills! It’s hard for some people who live on smaller budgets than others to see how much their savings add up because they’re not using as many kWh per year. Here is an easy calculation: just over $1k – which covers most families’ monthly expenses with enough left over each month after taxes and spending needs are met – can come from reducing just one household’s usage by 20%. Doing this doesn’t happen overnight, though. Clean energy investments like rooftop deployment still need time before payback becomes viable.

The cost of installing a solar panel is between $2.67 and $3.43, but it varies based on how big your system needs to be in wattage capacity- measured by energy used per day (or month). There’s also the price for panels themselves, ranging from about $0-$600, each depending on their size. Again, this will largely depend upon roof exposure and efficiency rate. The bigger or more efficient they are, you’ll need less power, so check around before making any purchase decisions!

With the recent advances in solar energy, it is possible for your house to run solely on this form of power. However, you need a way to store daytime production during nights when there are no sun hours available – which can be expensive at best! Luckily, however, new technologies have made storing batteries affordable enough to become more commonplace in future homes.



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