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10 Questions About Life Insurance Medical Exams

Are you thinking of applying for cover for the first time but have been too afraid of going for a life insurance medical exam to take the plunge? Fear of the unknown is only natural, but it shouldn’t prevent you from providing your loved ones with adequate financial support after you’ve passed away.
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Updated: 16 May 2024

Fortunately, you won’t necessarily need to go for a health check before applying for life cover. Several insurer’s offer no medical life insurance policies. Although life insurance medicals aren’t mandatory, you may be required to go for a medical before completing your life insurance application in certain circumstances.

If you’ve found yourself in this position, you’ve probably got several questions you don’t have the answers to and may be too embarrassed to ask someone else. In this article, we’ll answer ten of these questions and empower you to make the decision that best suits your requirements.

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About life insurance medical exams

Life insurance medical exams are, as the name suggests, a health assessment which your insurer might ask you to undertake. The information which they collect in this test is used to validate the medical history that you have provided while also assessing the risks involved when insuring you. Typically, these tests are minimally invasive and consist of a quick check-up with a medical professional, most often a mobile nurse.

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