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How to get the Best Solar Panels Deals in 2022

best solar panels
Georgia Carter Updated: 21 April 2022
We may be paid when readers visit links, purchase products or services from partners.

Worried about the high cost of electricity? Thinking about going green instead? Solar panels are a great way to reduce your electricity bill, and they also help the environment. Installing solar panels is a big decision, but we can help you make the right choice for your home and your budget.

We’ll show you how to get the best deals on solar panels so you can start saving money right away. We’ll explain everything you need to know about installation, warranties, and tax credits.

Key facts

  • Solar panels and a solar energy system are expected to reduce in price over the years. This is a result of the rising demand for solar power.
  • Always check the incentive and rebates your government is offering for solar system owners. These include Small-scale Technology Certificates and Feed-in Tariffs on a solar energy system.
  • You can make extra money when reverting your solar-generated electricity into the grid. The price per kilowatt varies depending on where you live and your government’s rebate scheme.
  • 3kW solar power systems remain the most affordable due to their size.
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Will solar panels get cheaper in 2022?

The electricity grid in Australia was not originally designed to cope with large numbers of homes exporting solar power into it. There are proposals for overcoming this, including a possible surcharge – or “solar tax” – on those who own systems and want to sell their excesses back out onto the market at standard rates. The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) has proposed a series of changes that would allow more flexibility in how power is bought and sold, as well as better accommodate domestic solar panels. 

With feed-in tariffs, government incentives, and a rising demand for solar power, solar panels are due to get cheaper over the years. While the development may take a while, were expecting to see solar panels become more accessible in terms of employment and cost.

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What is the best deal on solar panels?

The best deal on solar panels and solar power systems depends entirely on your energy needs, household power requirements, roof space, and budget. To find the best deal on solar panels, it’s recommended that you perform a comparison between various solar companies and their solar panels.

Review and compare the top solar panel companies and their offerings to find the deal that best suits your individual requirements.

8 Tips for getting the best price on your solar power system

It’s important to go through a thorough checklist when t comes to purchasing and installing an entire solar panel and solar power system. There are a few tips and tricks one can undertake in order to discover the best price and value for money when it comes to solar systems.

Below are our top eight tips for getting the best price on your new solar power system:

1. Compare quotes from different solar power companies

Request quotes from various solar panel companies and compare prices, value, and warranties. You may find that one company has a better offer for less. Remember to review installation fees as well.

2. Research the feed-in tariffs in your area

Feed-in Tariffs are a great way to make money from your solar power system. You’ll usually receive set rates per kilowatt-hour, and it’s included on the bill as credit; however, these terms vary depending upon which plan(s) you choose, so be sure they know their current vs future prices before signing up. 

3. Check for rebates from your local government

The solar rebate is a government incentive that helps home and business owners pay for their systems. With the help of one federal program, this technology has become affordable for all! If you buy an installation in 2022, it will be subsidised at around $2 950. Be sure to check the government incentives in your region.

4. Make sure your home is a good candidate for a solar power system

To size your solar panel system, you need to work out how much electricity you use and when so that’s a good place to start.  As an estimate for most homes in the United States (based on 20kWh per day), if someone has 5 kW of installed capacity, they will be able to cover all their daytime power needs with ease! 

The excess could go back into earning money through feed-in tariffs or charging batteries at home, whichever suits them best. In addition, make sure you have the roof space and enough sunlight for the solar panels themselves.

5. Look for installation deals

Some companies offer attractive installation deals at certain times of the year. These deals can include discounts on the overall price, encouraging more people to switch to solar.

6. Ask about warranties and guarantees

Solar panels need regular maintenance and will eventually need replacing. While solar panels are sturdy, they can be damaged by factors such as weather or debris. You don’t want to replace your panels unnecessarily should something faulty or unexpected happen. Make sure you purchase and install a solar power system with a lengthy warranty to ensure all is taken care of in emergencies.

7. Find referral deals

Some companies offer referral deals. If you install your solar power system and a friend you have referred does the same, you could receive an attractive deal or discount on your system or installation service.

8. Consider whether you want a grid-tied or off-grid system

Grid-tied systems are great for homes that need high power output. If you have many devices and appliances running at once, such as lights or computers. A grid-tied solar panel system can provide the extra kick needed to keep everything going smoothly! Offgrid is more suited towards users who want complete control over when they use their own generated electricity.

Is it worth getting solar panels Australia?

If you’re looking to invest in clean, renewable energy that will save money and help the environment, there is nothing like installing solar panels. The upfront costs for a new solar panel system may seem overwhelming, but once they’re up and running, it can pay off big time with incentives galore, making these investments well worth their weight in gold.

When considering solar power, it is important to take into account the length of time you plan on living in your home. It may require several years before seeing any return on investment, and this could become an obstruction if not taken slowly enough or considered wisely at all costs! Don’t rush into something. Weigh up all factors that matter most, like the cost per unit energy generated etc., then do some research before making decisions.


Can I make money selling excess energy generated?

Feed-in tariffs are an agreement between you and your utility company. The terms set out in this contract guarantee that solar panels will be used while also guaranteeing power export–should it produce more than what’s needed at home (the excess goes back into the grid), which means credits for every kilowatt exported! 

Credits vary depending on many factors like where they were purchased as well how much energy has been created by these systems when operating properly. Anywhere from 7c – 18 cents per KW generated is typically expected.

Frequently asked questions and answers

  • What is the best price for solar panels?

    According to SolarQuotes, valuable solar systems cost an average of the below prices in accordance with their size: 3kW: $3500–5000; 5kW: $4500–8000; 6.6kW: $5500–9000; 10kW: $8000–13,000. Remember that the final price depends on your household power or energy needs, the space you have to install a solar system, and your ultimate budget for the project. Always review and compare between companies, sizes, and solar panels before making your final choice.
  • Which solar panels are the best in Australia?

    There’s no clear winner when choosing between monocrystalline panels and polycrystalline panels. The higher perceived efficiency of the former is due largely because they are easier for humans eye eyesight- but this isn’t always true in reality! More important than what type you choose will be how well your installation works with them. If both types offer similar energy production rates, then usually cheaper can get close enough without having any negative effects on performance or durability over time.
  • What is the cheapest solar system?

    The cheapest solar system is the smallest sized solar system. This is usually a 3kW system that is utilised for a small household. On average, the cheapest price you can receive for this sized solar power system is around $3500. You may be able to find a cheaper price than this if you search around, review and compare a variety of companies and their products, including the installation fee. Remember to check up on feed-in tariff rates and government incentives to receive discounts or money back.
  • What is the Australian Government solar rebate?

    There are two main types of government rebates available for solar systems and solar energy. The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme is an Australian government initiative that offers incentives for small scale renewable energy installations. Eligible customers who install a generator (solar, wind or hydro) will receive many “Small Scale Technology Certificates” depending on how much power they expect it produces over its lifetime. The other is the feed-in tariffs. The feed-in tariff you receive will vary anywhere from 1c to 40cent per kilowatt-hour, and it’s dependent on location, type of solar system installed, and electricity retailer.

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