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What Causes Health Insurance Premiums to Increase?

insurance premium increase
Georgia Carter Updated: 18 March 2022
We may be paid when readers visit links, purchase products or services from partners.

Have you received a letter from your insurer informing you that your premiums will be increasing? If so, it’s important to understand why. Premiums are rising because of the increased cost of healthcare in Australia. This is due to an ageing population and higher demand for services. It’s also due to new technologies that have made treatment more effective and expensive. As a result, insurers need to charge higher premiums every year just to cover their costs, remain profitable, and provide good service levels for customers like yourself.

This article outlines the reasons for health care cost increase, factors that affect health insurance premiums, and answers your questions like, “why do health insurance premiums increase?” Remember, it’s always important to review and compare different health insurance providers and coverage before making your final decision.

Key facts

  • Various factors affect your monthly or yearly premium cost, such as your age, your lifestyle, where you live, and your family medical history.
  • Health premiums increase every year for several reasons, including population growth, the ageing population, and the increased demand for medical care.
  • Premiums generally increase every year on 1 April. One of the best ways to avoid paying the increased rate is to pay your medical coverage on a yearly basis.
  • Health insurance premiums can raise. Health insurance premium increases are an annual event, it’s also a great time to update your policy if you want to add a beneficiary to your health cover.

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How are premium increases calculated?

The number of years you’ve been alive is considered when determining your premium. The older someone gets, the higher their healthcare costs will be because it’s logical to assume that they’ll require more services as time goes on. Research shows an increase in age-related diseases such as diabetes or heart disease, which can lead to expensive treatments if not treated properly early enough with some exceptions.

Top 10 reasons why premiums increase each year

Health insurers typically implement health insurance premium increases to ensure that funds can cover the cost of healthcare. This is because there has been an increase in health-related expenses, new equipment and technology being used, and an ageing population, which results in more claims by fund members.

The date marking beginning every year when all policies which include Hospital services get reviewed against changes made from last season’s prices ensures those who need it most continue having access regardless if their ability comes at any price. Below are 10 reasons why premiums increase: 

Population growth

As the population increases so too does the need for healthcare. The more people reply on the healthcare system, the more medical services, treatments, technologies, and equipment are needed, not to mention staff. This all costs money. 

Ageing population

The demand for healthcare increases as people live longer, and age brings new complications. The older people get, the more susceptible they are to a variety of healthcare issues. Generally, your current phase of life will have an impact on the type of health insurance you require.

Young people are ditching private health insurance

More of the youth are no longer interested n taking out private health insurance. As a result, the medical world is losing money. They, therefore, need to make up for the loss by raising their premiums. 

Rise of health care costs

Health care is not cheap, and it gets more expensive as the years pass by. To ensure healthcare services and treatments remain at the highest possible standard, premiums need to increase. 

Increase Premium

Increased demand for medical treatments

As mentioned before, the bigger the population, and the larger the elder population, the more healthcare problems there are. As a result, there is an increased demand for medical treatments, which cause an influx in prices. 

Changes to government rebate

Government rebates shift and alter fairly regular. To accommodate for any changes in the rebate programmes, health insurers need to increase their rates. 

Increase in health insurance claims

Many more people are experiencing issues with their health care and are, therefore, making many more claims. This causes a dramatic reduction in medical insurance costs, forcing them to increase their premiums. 

More chronic illnesses

Chronic illnesses, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and depression are dramatically increasing. The rise gives way to a new demand for medical and healthcare, which puts pressure on the system and calls for more equipment and treatment. 

Expensive advances in medical technology

As technology and science evolve, more efficient medical equipment is being produced. But it comes at a hefty cost. As a result, the medical industry needs to make up for production charges, and they do so by raising premiums. 

The state you live in

Where you live plays a significant part in your premiums. If you’re in a location that receives a large amount of sunlight, you may be more at risk of skin cancer. If you live in a state known to harbour higher air pollution, you may be more at risk of lung disease. All of these various factors can alter your premium.

increase premium

What can you do to keep your health cover affordable?

Suppose you’re looking to keep your monthly premiums at a reasonable level. In that case, the best way is by researching private health insurance policies in advance and comparing costs with other significant healthcare funds.

One option that might work for some people who require expensive medical care would be paying an excess that can reduce what they pay each month until it’s fully paid off after 12 months. Standard term length varies from one company/individuality depending on their needs.

Tips for getting cheap health insurance

Here are some ways to keep your premium more affordable if it increases by April. Review the benefits of cover, contact your health fund and find out if they offer any cheaper alternatives or options available to purchase directly from them. If under 30 years old with an age-based discount then consider choosing one insurer over another which may have lower rates in exchange for yearly payments rather than monthly ones.

Do private health insurance premiums increase each year?

Health insurance premiums increase every year, even if you have had coverage for many years. When you renew your health insurance policy each year, the cost of premiums is going up. This increase comes from inflation in our society, which has caused costs to go up by more than what we’ve seen over time with food prices or fuel oil expenses increasing annually.

Frequently asked questions and answers

  • What makes health insurance premiums go up?

    Health insurance premiums are increasing more quickly than ever before. The four main reasons for this is inflation, claims rates which have been high over the past few years thanks to a number of major accidents or illness impacting people in different ways (for example cancer), an ageing population that needs health care services but won’t be able to get them anymore because they’re too expensive on top of it all comes down medical bills.
  • What issues may directly cause your insurance premiums to go up?

    Though healthcare prices continue to rise, there is hope for consumers as more and better information about coverage becomes available. In recent years we’ve seen an increase in the cost of health insurance due largely to three factors: rising medical care costs overall; lack of competition among insurers which leads them all to raise their rates accordingly without any transparency.
  • Why are my premiums increasing?

    Health care costs are rising faster than inflation for many Australians, and the Melbourne Institute reports that 29000 people ditched their private health coverage in just six months. As younger members abandon these services at higher rates due to cost factors or infrequent neediness (as opposed to older), it’s possible this will lead providers into trouble as they can’t affordably serve those who remain anymore- leading maybe even higher premiums down future generations?
  • Can health insurance companies raise premiums?

    Health insurance is an important part of your life. When you renew it, the coverage and benefits depend on what kind of plan they offer at a particular time; but changes can always be made during this process if needed! For example: If I want to add another person as well so we’re all insured then my premium will go up too since there are more people in our group with risks together – just like how things work out when getting older as families need help managing their healthcare costs more than before.
  • What factors affect health insurance premiums?

    The premium you pay for your health insurance plan is determined by five factors: location and age. These are some things that can affect it – but not how much or which type to choose! For example, if a person lives in an area with high rates for cancer, then they might have higher premiums because their medical history will be more likely associated with this diagnosis than someone else’s who doesn’t live there. Gender never plays any role whatsoever during the rate-setting process.

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