Published: August 4, 2013
Many thanks to the team at ComparingExpert, especially Brendan and Naima for their great communications and follow up . I found them to be very courteous and helpful.
ComparingExpert's policy of 20% rebate for the first year of a new policy is a terrific idea. Once again thank you.
A big thank you to ComparingExpert and, in particular, Russel Cain, for expediting my insurance claim through Macquarie Life.Without his help I would still be waiting and the bills would still be piling up! While my illness continues it is nice to know that my financial concerns have been taken care of.
They were very fast from the first time they contacted me to the end when I was accepted, would recommend these people ,and the monthly premium is cheap too.thank you very much
thanks for a friendly,quick and professional service. It made our decision process an easy one.
I have experienced an excellent service from the ComparingExpert Team for my income protection insurance needs. The policy is generous for my situations and its premium is very competitive. The team selected the best insurer from a list of insurance providers in a short time. They listened to my questions and provided answers professionally and courteously.

If you are looking for good income protection or any other types of insurance then ComparingExpert is definitely your broker.
I am writing to confirm that I am very happy with my life insurance with Zurick that you set up for me. I thank you for the professional and diligent manner, that you showed to me ,throughout this time.
The service of ComparingExpert is second to none. The friendly staff with Australian accents(not being prejudice) was a refreshing change to clearly understand their questions. Thanks again for prompt services
I would like to thank you and ComparingExpert for pointing out the benefits to me of your suggestion that I take up the offer from Zurich for my life insurance.

I cannot be happier with the service or the benefits offered.
Income Protection Claim TestimonialThe one I have now which is keeping me afloat. It was an income … sorry this is how I remember it although I’m not sure it’s exactly what it is but that is what I always understood from back in the beginning when I took it out. It was an income protection policy, which I had sort of … well a bit of an imperfect understanding of but I think it paid in the event that I should be unable to work due to an illness, or accident, or injury. I understood that this policy would substitute or pay some of the income which I have previously been receiving as a psychologist in the public health system. A figure always comes to mind which would pay approximately 75% of what I had been earning at that time. I figured it’s not exactly how much it is, and in fact it’s actually worked out by a formula that I haven’t bothered to try to understand, possibly unjustly so because I always imagined that it’s probably really complicated, but I don’t know if that’s true.
In 2007 I had a serious fall while working at home, not at work and seriously fractured my ankle and was off work for at least four months, and then had some complications and had to go off work again for a while.
Ok, I mean there were complications because one would think or possibly expect that a fall and a broken ankle would not necessarily be grounds for being on income protection payments for seven … up to six years. So there were some other complications in the workplace which meant that I was unable to return to my workplace. Actually, I eventually returned to work after four months, it didn’t go very well,
Led to a situation whereby I became unable to return to that particular workplace, and given that my profession was in health services, or a psychologist, so I’m a psychologist, but I was off work for even longer and then my employer made some assertions about my performance and abilities, which were later proved to be unfounded, but eventually as a result of those and other complications, I took much longer to return to the field of my profession at all, and then there was a further delay because I was off work long enough that my registration board wanted me to agree not to work for a period of time while they followed all of that happened and after they had taken things.
So it actually ended up becoming a really long time. I’m actually not working at the moment; I’m still receiving my income. My accident was on the 13th of December 2007.
Ok well, first of all my injury was really quite serious, and the injury and surgery and then the consequent recovery period, I felt pretty knocked around by everything and didn’t … I knew I had the policy but I wasn’t sure about how to go about activating it and I think at some point I was actually contacted by Russell, if I remember correctly, and I’ve very glad that he did. I think it’s possible that … somehow he was alerted to the fact that I had an issue. In other words did I … you know I received a reminder from Russell I think. Did I recall, did I know, had I remembered that I had access to the services of And also in that first conversation I remember how careful Russell was, and he was very appropriate and enlightening, and he also … because I had all the documentation by that stage, I’d sort of … I think I started to look at things, but he …, he said “don’t send anything to anyone until we’ve checked it”, and that just produced a future relief in me because I thought “oh there is really one … someone out there to make sure that I don’t do something careless or stupid and put my right to assistance at risk”, and basically things developed from there. I went in and met Russell and learned what needed to be done and what could be done.
What’s really relevant and significant is that I got followed up and he heard about what had happened and so Asteron being … have the services I had access to, bothered to follow me up and pursue the matter, because I wasn’t really in a state of mind to be actioning things like this at that time.
As a result of that policy, my family and I…it kept our family, in our house. Now I have a reasonably nice place in Botany that we bought eight or nine years ago I think, and yeah we have a mortgage, and so it’s basically kept me and my wife and my children … not in that order of course, but in our home ...
It ensured the security and wellbeing of my family, and without it, if I didn’t have it we wouldn’t have been living here, and that was when I really appreciated later on of course the value of that policy and the fact that because … not straightaway but later on, when I began to really notice, sort of three years prior to my accident “how expensive I thought it was”, at some point I sort of realized “well I’m really glad I didn’t close it down and redirect those premiums to some other purpose like health”.
I recall, first of all they bothered to follow me up, and then they bothered to contact me. I think I might have been a bit lukewarm in my responses at first, and then they persisted, and eventually we got together and looked at the whole thing, and they bothered to explain in detail the processes involved and what needed to be sent where, but I sort of came to appreciate that I should not send in documentation to the insurer without having it checked, and… it was not coaching and I was not being coached, and I didn’t write anything that was untrue, and I wasn’t encouraged or suggested to make any statements that were untrue, and I was encouraged and supported in being straightforward and economical in the information I provided to the insurer. So, in other words, I guess when people would have a trauma or an accident and they want to make a claim, and I’m no different from anyone else, they’re inclined to be … they’re inclined to disclose a great deal of information, much of which is not necessary or relevant to the purpose of the documentation, and I found Russell and all his staff very patient, and helpful and very polite in regard to giving that assistance, especially in my case because I was and have been … how shall I put it, slow to get things done and frequently unclear and uncertain. I guess I also had some difficulty like retaining information. I’d be told things and not really sort of get it properly. So they were very understanding, and very supportive and very understanding.
Thank you for helping us with our insurance needs! You looked after us well and the process of obtaining the most suitable insurance  was handled professionally and without fail.
Thanks to Andrew at ComparingExpert for all his help and advice in setting up my life insurance, he was extremely helpful and no question was to difficult.  His attitude to my enquiries was both professional and pleasant.  Keep up the good work ComparingExpert.  I would not hesitate to recommend ComparingExpert to my friends.  The 20% bonus refund was a pleasant surprise.
amazing trauma claim testimonialYes I have a distance relationship with breast cancer throughout my family, and I was concerned for what the future would hold for me, so I guess I wanted to be precautious and I wanted to have an insurance company that could protect me if anything went wrong. So I ended up searching on the internet, and I found ComparingExpert. They looked like they could help me in my decision on what was the best insurance company in order to find the best coverage for what I was looking for which led me to call ComparingExpert and I’ve got to talk to Adam, and Adam helped me and talked me through the best policies and what was for me that would suit my circumstances and what I was looking for in particular.

At the time I was about to get married, and I … yeah I was looking for future coverage for myself and for our probable future family.

Yes, so I took out life insurance, and I took out a recovery package, and also within that for what I was looking for, I wanted to really make sure that I was covered for everything that I possibly could imagine if anything ever did go wrong and I felt, well while I was getting the recovery package, I may as well pay that little bit extra … it wasn’t a whole lot in the scheme of things for the extra coverage that I’ve got with … yeah the additional extra package that came with the recovery package, so I got the whole kit and caboodle for that, and thank God I did.

I had back pain for a couple of months, and I went to a doctor, finally for a couple of months, went to a doctor and got diagnosed with six vertebral crush fractures, and I therefore then was referred to a specialist, and from a specialist I was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis.

It was very upsetting, and I was basically nearly three months post having a baby when I was basically almost diagnosed. So they were saying it was pregnancy related at the time, but since then my condition has still been deteriorating and I’ve been getting worse so they’ve now said that it’s not pregnancy related at all. It’s purely, obviously something that’s gone wrong in my genetics somewhere along the line.

As soon I was diagnosed I guess, and I was told the bad news of my vertebral crash fractures and the possibility of impending severe osteoporosis, I straight away pulled out my recovery package and went through my initial paperwork to see if that by any means was covering me in this traumatic event that my family was going through. In doing so I did realize that severe osteoporosis was part of my additional package that thank God I got, and so I ended up ringing ComparingExpert to discuss my options and to talk about where things where and what I could do, and I ended up talking to my initial consultant Adam, who was amazing and wonderful and he talked me through what we needed to do and how to go about it, so it was very stress free, comfortable and relaxing for me because I had the comfort that I was getting looked after, that someone was sorting all the paperwork I needed, and they’ve been doing a lot of paperwork for me in relation to compiling it together, getting the information that I needed, and then it was as simple as me filling out my forms, getting the doctors to sign on the relevant paperwork and then sending it back to Adam and ComparingExpert, and ComparingExpert following up and pursuing the matter further for me. (04:35).

ComparingExpert were amazing, I can’t thank ComparingExpert enough for everything that they’ve done for me and for my family, and for my future health and financially of course. They helped me astronomically so I wouldn’t … I don’t believe that I would have been able to process my claim without their help if I just purely went to an insurance company. My insurance company were Asteron, and I’m very thankful for them paying out my claim and helping my family. If I just went through Asteron I don’t think I had in that trauma and traumatic time of my life and my family, I didn’t have the strength or the energy to compile the paperwork and to be making that follow-up phone calls and they’d be checking that my claim was at what else I needed to follow up and where I was at and all that stuff. So ComparingExpert were, were worth their weight in gold, every single one of them, in relation to contacting me regularly, keeping me updated with where my claim was at. They were constantly following up my insurance company to make sure that my claim was getting processed in the fastest possible time. So obviously as you can imagine in an uncomfortable traumatic time for family, the sooner you get an answer and the sooner hopefully you get a payout the better, medical bills are astronomical these days and it’s beneficial to have ComparingExpert on my side because they helped me throughout the whole process, and like I said I didn’t have the strength or the energy in such a traumatic time to be chasing things up and following things up myself without their impending help, it was amazing.

Honestly it has changed our life. We … before our claims were processed, I had medical bills coming out of our ears. I was in hospital for four weeks. I had specialists, I had tests, I had x-rays, I had … you name it I had to have it done, and obviously that was very expensive and very financially hard for us in the family. My hubby was off work to look after our newborn Bob who was at the time only three months old when I was in hospital, and so financially it was a burden because he had to stay in Brisbane where he had to get sent to specialists, had to pay accommodation, medical bills for me. Financially we were definitely struggling big time and then … since then I’ve had to have multiple amount of surgery, I’ve now had two months … I’ve had two lots of surgeries, so I’ve had one four weeks ago and I had one a couple of months ago in February, and surgery’s not cheap. Surgery is very expensive but unfortunately it’s something for my condition and for my health now for moving forward that I need, and without ComparingExpert, without Asteron and without being able to get my claim processed, I would financially … we wouldn’t be viable to recovery. We would have had to move in with my parents or something, lose our house, lose our mortgage … it financially wouldn’t be viable without me taking out the recovery package, and obviously that additional package that came with the recovery package, which again I’m so grateful that Adam spoke to me and talked about the options that I had and in order to have … take out that additional package, saved my family financial hardship and we’ve been able to purchase things to help me with my health and new bed, so for my spine and for my back, for recovery we’ve been able to make those amendments for my health for the long term.

I really just want to reiterate how amazing ComparingExpert are, how much they’ve helped and supported me throughout. Adam, my initial consultant, was amazing in order to things that are understanding and approachable, in the questions that I had, and helped me find the right package that suited my needs and what I was looking for, and I thank God, without his assistance and without his advice, I would have missed out on getting that additional package for the recovery, and that additional feature for the recovery package which meant that I wouldn’t have been covered for my severe osteoporosis that I’ve had to claim. So, unfortunate events and tragic events happen and we don’t expect that they’re going to happen. I’m still very young, just a new mum, just gotten married, I’m only a year from being married. You don’t expect it to happen to you when you’re so young, and I guess that the benefit for me and the luck for me was that I had ComparingExpert on my side, I didn’t make those calls. I was covered in advance which was lucky for me, and again I can’t thank ComparingExpert enough. I also want to thank Russell Cain for everything he’s done, the CEO is was amazing for that company, and be able to be such a confidant and support person for me and for my family. To have that confidence and that comfort ability, to know that not only ComparingExpert and my initial consultant is concerned about my condition and helping me follow up on my claim and trying to do everything possible to get across the line for me. I also had regular contact to see … they would contact me directly and talk to me about my condition and give you support and guidance, and they reiterate the support that ComparingExpert were giving me and try to get it across the line. With my initial company, with Asteron … again I’m so thankful for getting them to having on my side. If you ever go in the fight or a battle, ComparingExpert are the ones you want on your side because they’re the ones that filed a good file, and they’re the ones that give you the support and the health and the guidance you need throughout a traumatic event and that you don’t expect to happen.
I just wanted to take the time to thank you very much for your superb service with organising our life insurance. I can honestly say that your professionalism and speed with organising all this has been second to none and greatly appreciated (especially when you consider the time of year in which it was all done).
I have referred you to a close friend and neighbour as they mentioned that they were looking for some life insurance.
Once again thank you for everything, you really have lifted the bar on any service offering I have ever experienced.
Many thanks to one of your advisers. His effort in organising and providing quotes for me 'twice over' was appreciated. He was able to answer all my questions and provided prompt service. Thanks to all at ComparingExpert and keep up the good work.
I would just like to say that I received fantastic service from ComparingExpert in understanding and attaining my Income Protection insurance from AIA. I would have no hesitation in recommending ComparingExpert to anyone else, it certainly makes insurance a lot more understandable and accessible when you receive good service.
Thanks again Harry, we used to go through a very expensive broker and I wish he was as efficient and persevering as you are. Do you have the email address or postal address of name and department of where we can send a letter of appreciation to your boss, we'd like to do that. We have also steered some friends your way and told them to 'ask for Harry' - not sure if that is appropriate or not. Keep up the great work.
I would gladly recommend your service to my friends or anyone who might be interested in buying life insurance. Thanks for the step by step guide through the process. I feel confident now that my family is covered.
Thank you for providing me with a large range of quotes & options - all the other insurance companies only provided me with only 1 or 2. Thanks again - it saved me heaps.
Thanks for the timely response and assistance through the process. If the time arises I shall recommend you guys any day.
Great service, I could not believe how quick it was. I wish other businesses were as committed to their clients as you are.
I've been approved for income protection (accident only) and life insurance. I always found James to be extremely prompt in his service, always friendly and empathetic (my first application was knocked back) he always gave me the best of service and as a result my wife also considered applying through James and is also happy with his service. I honestly felt like James worked for me and was always providing me with updates and outcomes as soon as he knew. Very happy will recommend friends to use ComparingExpert.
I just wanted to write a quick note to say thankyou to James, who patiently explained all aspects of the various choices to us and made the decision so easy! He made the long and involved research process extremely simple and his communication and follow-up was superb. Thanks so much!
Thanks to ComparingExpert and Benjamin in particular we were able to put in place our life insurance policies without any hassle and all within just one week thanks for the speedy response and follow up from Benjamin and the telephone interview technique from our provider. I would recommend ComparingExpert as we received honest and unbiased advice on the best policy to suit our needs. I even checked myself and couldn't find any better policy. So thanks ComparingExpert for taking the hassle out of selecting the right policy and giving us the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are well looked after whatever the future may hold.
Thanks for your help. I will definitely recommend ComparingExpert to my friends.
I could not have been more pleased and amazed with the service provided! What an easy way to obtain life insurance quotes with no pressure, no obtrusive phone calls, straightforward information and wide range of competitive quotes.
Just wanted to say I thought you site was simple and easy to use with a wide range of informative articles.

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