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Find the Right Keyman Insurance to Protect Your Business from Loss

When a key person, such as a business partner, key employee or owner is unable to work or passes away, it affects business profits, revenue and expenses, and might even influence the business’s ability to attract new customers. Keyman insurance protects the company against the possible costs associated with the loss of a person, who is essential to the business.

Keyman Revenue Protection

As a small or medium business owner, you will understand the importance of making sure you and other key persons within your business are fit and healthy and are able to run your business, particularly in the early days. Unfortunately, things do not always go to plan and you may find yourself in a situation where a key member of your team is no longer able to continue in the business.

Business Loan And Capital Protection Cover

Are you a small or medium business owner and recently taken out a loan? If you have taken out a loan or you are thinking about taking out a loan to grow your business, make sure your small business is protected.

Keyman Insurance: Tax Treatment and Policy Ownership

Who is a key person or keyman? A key person or keyman is an individual whose continued association with a business provides that business with a significant and direct economic gain. Economic gain means more than just profits. It can also include inter alia, capital injections, cost efficiency, goodwill, access to credit and contacts with suppliers and customers. Business…