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Income Protection for Self Employed Australians

When working for yourself as a sole trader or small business owner, you are responsible for the failure and success of your business. If you were to get sick or injured, you’d have no holiday or sick leave to help with your month-to-month expenses, which can be even more stressful if you’ve got a family to support.

Income Protection for Doctors & Medical Professionals

Medical professionals are frequently exposed to many unique risks within their profession. If you were injured or diagnosed with a disease, your ability to earn an income in your current job would be severely affected. You might not be able to continue in the occupation you’ve spent nearly half your life establishing.

Income Protection Insurance for Miners in Australia

The mining industry is vital to Australia. According to The Australian Government Department of Jobs and Small Business, over 242,000 Australians are employed in the industry, which is around 1.9% of the total workforce (2018).

Income Protection and Redundancy for Australian Employees

Each year, 2.3% of Australian workers are made redundant because of corporate downsizing and closure (Back to Work Australia report 2016). If you feel your job is vulnerable to restructuring and you’re searching for ways to protect yourself and your family from financial uncertainty, then review your options in the below article.