Our superannuation guides can help you better manage your superannuation so you can increase your super savings for a better retirement.

You don’t have to be nearing your 50′s to start thinking about your superannuation, in fact, the earlier you start, the more financial rewards you’ll reap thanks to compound interest.

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Read our other useful superannuation guides and learn about accumulating superannuation in Australia.

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Of all the financial topics, superannuation may be the least understood, so why not read our superannuation guides and learn more about superannuation. If you have any questions our advisers are standing by to discuss your queries and offer superannuation comparisons and advice.

ComparingExpert superannuation services

ComparingExpert advisers can offer you small amounts of superannuation advice as you see fit, or can offer you an end-to-end service to help you grow your super and ensure you maximise your retirement savings.

If there is any aspect of superannuation you would like to discuss, such as superannuation comparisons, superannution fund types, insurance in super, lost super, or super fund consolidation, please speak to an ComparingExpert adviser.

September 2011

  • First home buyers squeezed out of market by baby boomers

    Are you a first home buyer? Take advantage of government grants and family pledge provisions to get into the market! If you are buying property in a SMSF make sure you know all the limitations!
  • Superannuation Guarantee Changes

    Increases to compulsory superannuation come into effect from 1 July 13! Changes will see compulsory super gradually increase from 9% to 12% over 5 years.
  • What is MySuper?

    MySuper will see lower fees and no commission paid to financial advisers – potentially meaning more money in your pocket when you retire!
  • Superannuation Advice

    Superannuation advice will help you reach your retirement goals sooner so you will be better off. So get advice today
  • Superannuation anti-detriment payments

    A superannuation anti detriment payment is a lump sum amount paid in addition to the superannuation fund balance if you pass away
  • Why women have lower superannuation balances

    Women have lower superannuation balances due to a shorter period in the workforce, however women should look to boost their superannuation as they live much longer than men

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