Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance Example

Total Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance is additional cover which can be added to a term life insurance policy or taken as a separate stand-alone product. It provides a lump sum in the event that the insured person suffers total & permanent disability.

The below premiums are the indicative premiums for a non-smoker in an office position with stand alone own occupation TPD.

Age Level of cover Monthly Premium
Male Female
20 yrs $250,000 $21 $19
$500,000 $31 $24
$750,000 $43 $34
$1,000,000 $53 $41
30 yrs $250,000 $21 $20
$500,000 $31 $30
$750,000 $42 $42
$1,000,000 $51 $51
40 yrs $250,000 $27 $27
$500,000 $43 $43
$750,000 $62 $62
$1,000,000 $75 $75
50 yrs $250,000 $80 $80
$500,000 $143 $141
$750,000 $200 $196
$1,000,000 $264 $261
60 yrs $250,000 $388 $369
$500,000 $691 $767
$750,000 $1,003 $1,008
$1,000,000 $1,237 $1,244
Published: June 17, 2017
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