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Life Insurance Exclusions and Loadings in 2024

Sometimes the only way you can get life insurance is with an exclusion or premium loading.
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Updated: 24 May 2024

When receiving your life insurance quote, you see that a loading or exclusion has been applied to your policy, affecting either your cover, your premium price, or both.

For insurance companies, denying life insurance coverage, either completely or temporarily, is always the last resort. Fortunately, there are various alternatives available to assist them.

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An insurer may give you two options to compensate for a medical condition, serious family history or dangerous sport or occupation.

Any exclusions and loadings applied to your policy will be outlined for you in your policy documents and Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

If you currently have a life insurance exclusion or loading, you might want to compare quotes from other leading insurers because every insurer has their own underwriting guidelines. Even though one company might charge you more or exclude a favourite past-time, another could potentially offer you standard rates and full coverage.