When we conduct a life insurance quote comparison, we compare quotes from 13 of the largest Australian life insurance companies.

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AIA Australia Metlife One Path Comminsure
MLC Macquarie Zurich BT Insurance tal
Asgard Asteron ClearView NO-logo


Top life insurance companies compared

Life insurance companies in Australia offer competitive premiums and benefits to suit people in a number of life stages.

There is no one ‘best life insurance company’, if this were the case we’d all have the same life insurance policy!

There are, however, life insurance companies who may offer better rates or coverage for people of a certain age, with a pre-existing condition, or with higher-risk occupations or past-times.

This is where the help of a personal insurance adviser like ComparingExpert can help. We know which insurers offer better coverage and premiums for specific situations. Every person is different, so it makes sense that each policy should be compared to meet your particular needs.

Here at ComparingExpert, we compare Australia’s top life insurance companies & policies free of charge. This means that you have the benefit of having the best policy to suit your needs, without the additional cost of getting financial advice on which insurer to go with.

The top life insurance companies we compare include:

  • AIA Australia (AIG)
  • AMP
  • Asgard
  • Asteron
  • BT
  • ClearView
  • CommInsure
  • OnePath (ING)
  • Macquarie
  • MLC
  • MetLife
  • My Protection Plan
  • TAL (Tower)
  • Zurich

Former Life Insurance Companies

Former life insurance companies that now operate under different names include:

ING ING now operates as OnePath. ING operated under the ING name until November 2010, after it was wholly acquired from the ING Group by the ANZ Group. PrefSure Prefsure now operates as part of TAL, who acquired Prefsure in 2006. AC&L AC&L is a subsidiary of AXA and no longer offers insurance products after consolidations undertaken by AXA in 2009.
AIG AIG now operates as AIA after rebranding in 2009. Tower Tower now operates under the TAL name. Tower operated under the Tower name until October 2011, when it was rebranded as TAL AXA AXA was purchased by AMP in 2011. The two brands operated side by side until the removal of the AXA brand in March 2013.

Life insurance company ratings

There are a number of top rated life insurance companies in Australia, offering competitive premiums and benefits.

Ratings are given by an independent entity such as Standard & Poor’s. All the insurers we deal with are highly rated. While a rating from an independent source does not tell you how good a policy is, it does however help you gauge the insurers credit worthiness.

The best life insurance company in Australialife insurance companies

It’s not easy trying to find the best life insurance company with no help. You may be considering an insurer who promises ‘no medicals’ life insurance, or an insurer with a very short application form. But be warned, these insurers typically have much higher premiums compared to the life companies we deal with. The direct life insurance policies from these other insurers aren’t as tailored, and as a result their premiums are typically much higher to cover a wider range of risks.

On the other hand, a tailored life insurance policy may ask more questions, but can typically result in a much lower premium. Over the years, this option can save you thousands of dollars. Why not compare the difference with ComparingExpert today?