Discover if AIA Vitality Australia is Worth it and How to Join

Published: March 25, 2019

While you’re comparing health and/or life insurance, you might be wondering whether it’s worth signing up with AIA Australia or one of their insurance partners to get the rewards and premium discounts that come with an AIA Vitality membership.

Introduced to the Australian market in 2014, AIA Vitality continues to encourage members to live a healthier, longer and better life; saving you money with cashback rewards and premium discounts.

However, whether AIA Vitality’s benefits and rewards is enough of a reason for you to buy a specific insurance policy, is a decision only you can make.

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What is AIA Vitality?

AIA Vitality is a health and wellbeing program available from AIA Australia and their health insurance partners, myOwn and GMHBA. The program awards you points for achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As your points increase your status level goes up, starting on Bronze, all the way to Platinum. The higher your status the more rewards and benefits you can access.

The AIA Vitality program is backed by science and one of the largest membership programs of its kind in the world. It encourages members to maintain and improve their health using financial incentives like premium discounts and cashback rewards. The wellness program thus supports its insurance partners by helping their clients become less of a health risk.

How much is the AIA Vitality membership fee?

Your AIA Vitality membership generally costs $11.50 per month, which is usually added on to your policy premium. However, depending on the type of insurance you buy and from which company, your Vitality membership could be automatically included.

Benefit Partners of AIA Vitality Australia

  • Dietitians Association of Australia
  • Accredited Practicing Dietitian
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Virgin Active
  • Fitness First
  • Step into Life
  • Allen Carr’s Easyway
  • Fitbit
  • Garmin
  • Virgin Australia flights
  • Endota Spa
  • Woolworths
  • Ticketmaster
  • Rebel
  • Dymocks
  • Myer
  • Boost Juice

How to qualify for AIA Vitality?

If you permanently reside in Australia, are over the age of 18 and the owner of an eligible AIA Priority Protection policy or have a health insurance plan with myOwn or GMHBA, you are eligible to join the AIA Vitality program.

Contact ComparingExpert and we will help set-up your membership, after which you'll receive an email with your Vitality login details so you can start earning points to unlock big discounts and rewards.

Purchase an AIA Priority Protection policy

You join the wellness program when purchasing an eligible AIA Priority Protection Life insurance or Income Protection policy, which also entitles you to premium discount up to 20% when you reach Platinum Status.

Become a RAC or RACQ member

Member of the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) with eligible health, life or income protection policy can get access to AIA Vitality.

However, from 15 April 2019 RAC members that reside outside of Western Australia and RACQ members not living in Queensland will no longer have access to AIA Vitality and will need to sign up for an AIA Priority Protection policy or get private health insurance from myOwn or GMHBA to keep their account.

Have a REST superannuation policy

AIA Vitality is no longer available from REST super, as they transferred all members to their new life insurance provider, TAL Life Limited (TAL).

Get private health insurance from GMHBA or myOwn

For both GHBA and myOwn you’ll receive a 5% discount on your first year’s premiums when paying via direct debit. As long as you reach Silver Status during the first 12 months of your policy being active, your discount will remain.

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Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Status

AIA Vitality offers all the knowledge, tools, and motivation you need to improve your health. Every new member starts on Bronze and can work their way up to Platinum status. The more Vitality points you earn, the higher your status and the bigger your rewards.

Bronze – 0 Points

10% cashback on eligible Virgin Australia flights
20% discount on Endota Spa e-Gift cards
$20 worth of shopping vouchers

Silver – 10,000 Points

20% cashback on eligible Virgin Australia flights
30% discount on Endota Spa e-Gift cards
$40 & $60 worth of shopping vouchers

Gold – 20,000 Points

30% cashback on eligible Virgin Australia flights
40% discount on Endota Spa e-Gift cards
$80 & $100 worth of shopping vouchers

Platinum – 30,000 Points

10% cashback on eligible Virgin Australia flights
50% discount on Endota Spa e-Gift cards
$150 & $200 worth of shopping vouchers

How to earn AIA Vitality points

To start earning points you need to purchase an eligible insurance policy. After that, you'll receive an activation email to assist you in setting up your account. You can then download the AIA Vitality App that’s compatible with both Android or iPhone devices. Once your account has been activated, you can earn points by participating in various activities to know and improve your health and wellbeing.


1. Know your health

Earn points when assessing your health using various online Vitality tools or visit a medical professional to complete a specific test. Below are some of the ways you can earn points by knowing your health.

Category and Total Points How it works
AIA Health Insurance Review
1,000 points
Complete it online, once per year.
Online Nutrition Assessment
1,000 points
500 points per online assessment, which can be completed twice per year, 6 months apart.
AIA Vitality Nutrition Assessment
Up to 3,000 points
Twice per year, 6 months apart, from an accredited participating dietician.
Mental Wellbeing Assessment
Up to 1,500 points
250 points per assessment. Complete 3 assessments online twice per year, 6 months apart.
Skin Self-Exam
1,000 points
Complete it online, once per year.
AIA Health Check
Up to 6,000 points
Visit your GP or a TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacy and earn 750 points for each test that’s within a healthy range:
  • Body Mass Index (BMI): 18.5 to 22.9
  • Blood pressure: 130/80 or lower
  • Cholesterol: <5.2mmol/l
  • Random blood glucose: <=6.0mmol/l
AIA Vitality Fitness assessment
Up to 3,000 points
Can be done twice per year, 6 months apart via participating gyms. 750 points for attending + 750 points when in a healthy range.
Eye check and Dental check
1,000 points each
Eye checks once every 3 years and dental once per membership year.
1, 000 points each
  • Influenza (flu) shot, once per year.
  • HPV, once per year for females between 18 and 26 years old.
  • Pneumococcal for adults over the age of 65, once per year.
Preventative health checks
1,000 points each
  • Mammogram: Every year for 2 consecutive years for women over the age of 50, or clinically necessary.
  • Cervical screening: Every year for 5 consecutive years for women over the age of 18.
  • Colon cancer screen: Every year for 2 consecutive years for adults 50+ years or clinically necessary.

Take note: Please carefully review their terms and conditions to confirm how many points you can earn and under which circumstances. Be sure to also check your statements to ensure your points are accurately reflected.


2. Improve your health

After completing your health assessments, you can earn more points when getting active and tracking your physical and nutritional activities.

  • Achieving goals: Up to 6,000 points per membership year when you accept and achieve an AIA Vitality recommended goal.
  • Sleep tracking: Up to 2,000 points (10 points per night for 7+ hours of sleep) per membership year.
  • Organised fitness event: Up to 1,500 points.
  • Non-Smokers Declaration: 1,000 points. Complete the declaration via the AIA Vitality app.
  • Approved Gyms/Outdoor fitness: 100 points per visit
  • Nutrition tracking: 1,200 points per calendar quarter for logging food intake via your Fitbit account.

3. Get Rewarded

Enjoy discounts and access various benefits as you accumulate points and increase your Vitality status.

Rewards partners Discounts
Virgin Australia Flights Up to 50% cash back on eligible domestic and international flights. First, two booking discounts are at your status level, after that 10%.
Endota Spa Enjoy a relaxing massage or indulge in a Surrender package with discounted vouchers.
Anytime Fitness Up to $400 cash back per membership year.
Fitness First 20% cash back per quarter.
Virgin Active 50% off ‘Active Me’ memberships.
Step into Life 40% off membership fee.
Fitbit Up to 25% discount.
Garmin Up to 25% discount.
JAGGAD 30% discount on activewear.
Movie tickets Up to 6 discounted movie vouchers per month from HOYTS, CMAX, Majestic and Grand Cinemas.
Shopping rewards Receive up to $650 shopping vouchers from rewards providers like Meyer, Woolworths, and Ticketmaster.

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AIA insurance premium discounts with AIA Vitality

The premium discount is generally based on your efforts to improve your health. However, when you start your policy, you’ll receive an Initial Discount:

  • 12.5% initial discount on your Lump Sum policy: Life insurance Trauma and TPD insurance.
  • 7.5% additional discount for Income Stream Benefits: AIA Income Protection and Business Expenses policies.

So long as your policy remains in force and you've been a Vitality member since 20 January 2017, the initial discount on your Income Stream Benefits will automatically apply.

Take note: Every year, on your policy anniversary, your discount will be adjusted depending on the status you’ve reached; Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum. This is called Premium Flex.

Lump Sum Benefit Premium Flex: Life, Trauma and TPD

Status Percentage Change Maximum Discount
Bronze -2.50% 20%
Silver -1.25%
Gold -0.00%
Platinum +1.00%

Income Stream Benefits Premium Flex

Status Percentage Change Maximum Discount
Bronze 0.00% 20%
Silver +0.50%
Gold +1.00%
Platinum +2.00%

For example, if you'd been on a Silver Vitality status and earned enough points to be awarded Gold status on your policy anniversary, your initial 7.5% discount will increase to an 8.5% discount for the year ahead.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Is AIA Vitality worth it?

If you’re wondering whether you should sign up with AIA Australia or one of their partners just for the health benefits and discounts, you might want to gather quotes from a variety of other insurance providers and see what they have to offer. There are many other life insurance companies in Australia that also have healthy living programs. Choose cover based on your requirements, stage of life and budget.

When will RAC/RACQ life insurance stop offering AIA Vitality?

On the 15th of April 2019, RAC members outside of WA and RACQ members living outside of Queensland will no longer meet the criteria for AIA Vitality membership and will need to buy an eligible insurance policy.

When will my Vitality status update?

Points run for one policy each and expire at the end of your AIA Vitality membership year, which is 12 months after the date you joined the program. However, the status you earned will carry into the new year and can increase at any time once you’ve achieved the acquired number of points.

How do I claim points for Virgin Australia flights?

As of 30 October 2018, Virgin Australia replaced Qantas as an AIA Vitality partner. When booking your Virgin Australia flight, you have to use the Virgin Australia portal and choose a flight that is clearly marked with an AIA Vitality discounted sticker. Your cash back rewards will then be automatically credited to your nominated bank account. However, the cash back rewards are only payable on the base fares and exclude taxes.

Is JB Hi-Fi still a Vitality partner?

No, as of 30 October 2018, JB Hi-Fi was replaced with Ticketmaster. You can now earn up to $650 per year to spend on concerts and some of Australia's biggest sporting events.

How does the AIA Vitality program monitor fitness activity?

One of the ways you can earn Vitality Points is through physical activity. AIA Vitality will monitor your fitness activity through a fitness monitoring device that you connect with your Vitality account. To help you get your device and stay on budget, AIA Vitality members get discounts on devices from Garmin, JAGGAD, and Fitbit. These devices can generally be used to measure:

  • Number of steps taken
  • How much water and calories you've consumed
  • Calories burned via physical activities
  • Your weight
  • The hours that you've slept

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