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Online retailer and health insurer ahm are now offering budget-friendly health insurance policies under the new brand ‘Kogan Health’. The agreement between Medibank’s wholly owned subsidiary Australian Health Management (ahm) and will be for an initial three year period.

Megan Fraser

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Published: 22 February 2018

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Policies are underwritten by ahm and marketed by, leveraging their brand and broad customer base. founder, Ruslan Kogan, likes to describe his business as “a statistics business masquerading as an e-commerce company”, targeting mass-demand and partnering with private-labeled products and providers, such as Medibank Private. “The business is in the best shape it’s ever been”, remarked Mr. Kogan referring to the 211,000 increase in active customers in the last six months.

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The Medibank Group has over 3.7 million customers, with their ahm brand providing health insurance and extras cover to over 650,000 Australians. Medibank Group Executive, Chief Customer Officer David Koczka stated that with their ahm brand growing rapidly the partnership was a great match and will allow them to offer simple, affordable and better value health insurance to the Australian public.

“Having more than 8 million Aussies as active members of the Kogan community enables us to form strong commercial partnerships like this”, confirmed Executive Director of, David Shafer.

Together these two companies are offering very low health insurance premiums. The Kogan Entry Flexi starts at only $18.10 a week for singles and $36.25 a week for couples and families (premiums are based on pre-April increases).

Kogan Health promises to provide customers with the same benefits as most recognised providers, and even to reward customer loyalty with an increased extras limit each financial year, for five years, on a number of Kogan Health products.

The launch also comes with a special offer. Until 28 February 2018 customers who purchase a policy through will be able to receive $200 off hospital and extras policies (up to $100 for singles) and $60 credit. This special is subject to terms and conditions. Unfortunately, if you are an existing ahm member you will not be eligible to receive this offer.

In the June-half of this year, we can expect the launch of Kogan Life Insurance. In partnership with Greenstone Financial Services Pty Ltd, will offer life insurance and funeral insurance.

Megan has extensive experience writing about health and life insurance in Australia. Megan has a special interest in health and wellness. She relies on her background in counselling psychology to convey the latest findings in a manner that is most beneficial to ComparingExperts readers. In every article she writes, Megan aims to uphold the standards of the Private Health Insurance Intermediaries Association (PHIAA) which ComparingExpert is part of.


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