Income protection for specific occupations

Published: July 28, 2013

Different insurers offer income protection policies more tailored towards certain occupations or industries. They do this by offering certain benefits or options for specific occupations, or by offering specific coverage for those in certain occupations or industries.

Tailored income protection insurance policies or particular benefits are available for the following occupations or industries:

Tradies & Construction Workers

Since some work sites require mandatory cover some insurers have created policies geared towards tradies & construction workers. Apart from the standard benefits, the following are specific benefits or options offered by Australian insurers for these types of occupations:

  • Specific injuries benefit
  • Accident benefit option

If you are a contractor or self-employed person with a fluctuating income, we can advise you on the best policy structure to suit the nature of your job. Doing this can maximize benefit payments at claim time.

Miners, Oil & Gas Industry Workers

As one of Australia's main industries, competitive rates are available for mining, oil & gas industry workers. To meet demand, select insurers have created policies geared towards people in these industries. For a quick quote please have information about your job ready when calling us, including your title, duties, and hours worked in a standard work rotation.

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Doctors, Surgeons, Dentists & Medical Attendants

Competitive rates are available for those in the medical industry. If you are a general practitioner or dentist with your own practice, we can also explore best policy structures to suit the nature of your job. Specific benefits or options for this occupation include:

  • Needle-stick cover
  • Cover for occupationally acquired blood born diseases such as HIV, HEP B & C
  • Non-offset clause (doctors, surgeons, dentists)

Lawyers, Solicitors & High Earning Executives

The main benefit for these specific occupations includes the 'non-offset clause'. This particular clause can potentially increase your benefit at claim time. Please contact one of our financial advisers for more information.


Due to the seasonal nature of farming and agricultural work, fluctuating income is one of the many hurdles that Australia farmers face. To reduce this burden, select insurers now calculate benefits on the basis of 30% of the farm's gross turnover.

The other option available is to calculate your benefits based on your net income.

We can discuss the pro's and con's of each option and help you decide on the best choice for your farm.

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