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Published: August 30, 2017

People living in the island state of Australia, affectionately called “Tassie”, are experiencing some serious health problems, which is placing the public healthcare system under tremendous pressure.

The increased rate of chronic diseases can be contributed to Tasmanianites indulging their bad habits of smoking, eating too much fast food (obesity), low physical activity and increased alcohol consumption.

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Compare The Best Private Health Insurance in Tasmania

While Medicare does cover many medical expenses, it doesn’t cover everything. Private health insurance might be worth considering to ensure all your health concerns are taken care of.

We reveal the cheapest private health funds available in Tasmania and which ones are best suited to your changing lifestyle and familial obligations.

Find cheap health insurance in Tasmania

When shopping around for the right insurance policy, keep in mind that premiums are also affected by your location. Factors that play a role in determining your base premium rate include health trends in your area, the demographic composition of your state and the cost of living.

Although price and membership numbers are important in your decision making, even more, important is your life’s stage. Young, single people fresh out of university will have different requirement than a newly married couple or a retiree. Make sure what your chosen cover reflects the needs of your current life stage.

Most affordable private health insurance companies in Tasmania

Single and on your own

We compared health insurance for one adult without dependents in Tasmania. Below table shows the average monthly premium for a combined hospital and extras policy.

Health Fund Policy Option Excess Average Monthly Premium What Stands Out
Medibank Everyday Essentials $250 to $500 $142.95 This policy offers a bit more than the basics and includes 100% back on optical, including glasses and contact lenses.
Police Health Platinum Health $0 $317.20 Combines Top Hospital and SureCover Extras at a discounted rate, so you get more value for your money.
Bupa Simple Start $500 $120.65 Basic, affordable cover, with no out-of-pocket hospital expenses at Members First day facilities.
St. Lukes Health Packaged Budget 500 Level 2 $500 $160.40 Top private hospital cover with basic benefits on a range of extras, with optical discounts.
nib Kickstarter $500 $108.33 Basic cover which includes extras to maintain your health, like dietary advice, and exercise physiology.
HCI Premier Hospital + Active Life Extras $1,000 $173.10 A combined policy with generous basic extras, including dental, optical and physiotherapy

Source: (2017). Please visit their website for updated premiums. 

Cheapest policies for couples

Below table reveals the average monthly premium for a combined hospital and extras policy designed for a couple who have no dependents.

Health Fund Policy Option Excess Average Monthly Premium What Stands Out
Medibank Everyday Essentials $250 or $500 $285.90 Medium level cover with 100% back on annual dental checkups & cleanings on top of your annual dental limit.
Police Health Platinum Health $0 $634.40 Fairly comprehensive cover, designed exclusively for your needs as a member of the policing community.
Bupa Young Couples Saver $0 $294.70 $100 yearly bonus to use for any out-of-pocket expenses, which increases every year for 6 years.
St. Lukes Health Packaged Budget 500 Level 2 $500 $320.80 Enjoy gap-free preventative dental with 100% cover for regular preventative dental services.
nib Basic Saver $250 $260.99 Enjoy up to 75% back on a range of services, including dental, optical, and physio.
HCI Premier Package $2,000 $375.45 Top hospital with HCI’s comprehensive extras, including access to Access Gap Cover to reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

Source: (2017). Please visit their website for updated premiums. 

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Affordable cover for single parents

The below table reflects the expected average monthly premium a single parent might pay for a combined hospital and extras package.

Health Fund Policy Option Excess Average Monthly Premium What Stands Out
Medibank Settled Families (Essentials) $250 or $500 $303.80 Medibank has capped prices with Members' Choice providers so that you won't be charged more than the agreed fee, and there’s no excess for your child.
Police Health Platinum Health $0 $581.14 Police Health pays more than 9 out of 10 medical services under this policy, and you’ll have no out-of-pocket expenses.
Bupa Ultimate Health Cover (single parent family) $0 $710.45 Comprehensive cover for you and your children, 100% back on most items at Members First extras providers.
St. Lukes Health Packaged Budget 500 Level 1 $1,000 $406.50 You won’t pay an excess when children are admitted to hospital.
nib Family Basic Saver $500 $216.68 Includes services useful to families, like orthodontia, speech pathology, occupational therapy, and family health aids.
HCI Premier Package $1,000 $357.20 No excess is payable for dependents under the age of 18 who are admitted to hospital.

Source: (2017). Please visit their website for updated premiums. 

Best cover for families

Compare health insurance in Tasmania by reviewing the average monthly premiums your family can expect to pay for a combined hospital and extras policy.

Health Fund Policy Option Excess Average Monthly Premium What Stands Out
Medibank Settled Families (Comprehensive) $250 or $500 $469.20 Access to unlimited emergency ambulance Australia-wide and no excess payable for children.
Police Health Platinum Health $0 $634.40 Police Health also pays the reasonable fees charged by non-contracted hospitals.
Bupa Ultimate Health Cover (family) $0 $768 Access to an extensive network of dental, optical, physiotherapy, chiropractic and podiatry providers.
St. Lukes Health Packaged Budget 500 Level 1 $1,000 $406.50 Dependent children are covered up to 23 years of age, or up to 25 if they’re single and a full-time student.
nib Family Plus $1,000 $529.03 Eliminate out-of-pocket hospital expenses when you’re treated in a nib Agreement Private Hospital.
HCI Premier Package $2,000 $381.85 Extras include Orthodontics, audiology, speech therapy, and generous pharmacy cover.

Source: (2017). Please visit their website for updated premiums. 

Health options for seniors living in Tasmania

We’ve compared health insurance for a single senior, with no dependents, purchasing a combined hospital and extras package.

Health Fund Policy Option Excess Average Monthly Premium What Stands Out
Medibank Security (Comprehensive) $250 or $500 $284.60 Covers more costly services, like cataract surgery and knee reconstructions, as well as hearing aids.
Police Health Platinum Health $0 $317.20 Choose your preferred hospital, doctor (as long as the provider is recognised by Police Health).
Bupa Ultimate Health Cover $0 $384 $200 gap bonus + another $200 annually while you’re an Ultimate member.
St. Lukes Health Packaged Platinum Plan $0 $297.35 If you’ve had Top Extras cover for 5+ years, you’ll get a 5% increase in dental benefits.
nib Young at Heart Top $0 $382.55 Useful Extras to maintain your health, like orthotics, pharmaceutical prescriptions, and preventative tests.
HCI Premier Package $0 $283.50 Includes health screening checks, home nursing, ambulance transport, laser eye surgery, and hearing aids.

Source: (2017). Please visit their website for updated premiums. 

General exclusions and waiting periods

Private health cover is considered an effective way of covering the cost of a wide range of medical treatments and services. However, it is important that you understand the fine print of a policy before buying, so you can avoid any nasty surprises.


Conditions or services that your health insurer won’t pay for. For example:

  • Elective cosmetic surgery, unless specifically stated that your policy covers it.
  • Any claim made after 2 years have passed since the service or treatments were received.
  • Treatments and services provided by a member of your family, business partner, or a provider that isn’t recognised by your health fund.

Waiting periods

To claim for most treatments and services, you generally have to serve a waiting period, which is almost never waived. This simply means you need to wait the specified amount of time before you can claim for any services and treatments included with your policy.

Examples of general waiting periods:

  • 1, 2, or 3 years for more expensive procedures, like orthodontics.
  • 12 months: Major dental procedures (like crowns and bridges), pre-existing conditions, and pregnancy and other birth-related services.
  • 6 months: Optometry, including glasses and contact lenses.
  • 2 months: Physio and general dental services, as well as psychiatric care, rehabilitation, and palliative care.

Frequently asked question about private health insurance in Tasmania

No, you generally won’t have to pay for ambulance services in Tasmania. The Tasmanian Government normally waives most costs associated with ambulance transport within Tasmania and its islands. However, a third party might be responsible for the costs of ambulance services when injured at work or due to a car accident for which you are not at fault.

Free dental services are only available for children living in Tasmania. All children, up to 17 years old, will receive free dental check-ups, preventative care, and treatment under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

There are no free dental services for adults living in Tasmania. However, the Tasmanian Government does subsidise dental services to Tasmanians who have a Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card. They are then only required to make co-payments.

  • Priority Care to treat urgent dental needs: Co-payment of $44.
  • General Care for routine treatments (like check-ups and extractions): Co-payment of $44.
  • Denture Services for full or partial dentures and related services: Co-payment of $218 to $387.

If you’re looking to find a policy that offers you the most value for money, you might want to start by shopping around and comparing policies and premiums from top health funds in Tasmania.

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  • Big Mac |

    What funds will help cover for a pre-existing medical condition? We are a family of 4 and have no health cover at the moment. My wife has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumour which will possibly need surgery down the line. If we take out health cover now, would we be covered for this in 12 months time or would it be ineligible as it is a pre-existing condition?

      Anneke Van Aswegen |

      Hello. I’m sorry to hear about your wife’s diagnosis.

      Generally, health funds require a 12 month waiting period for pre-existing conditions. However, this might vary from fund to fund and it’s best to request and compare quotes to find a one suited to you and your family’s requirements.