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Health Insurance Tasmania

According to the 2019 Tasmanian Population Health Survey, cancers, depression/anxiety, and diabetes have increased significantly over the last 10 years. Additionally, over a quarter of all adults reported their oral health as only fair or poor with a serious rise in tooth decay.
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Updated: 19 May 2024

Tasmanianites experiencing health problems and the threat of Covid-19 infections might want to consider private health insurance.

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Health Insurance in Tasmania

While Medicare does cover many medical expenses, it doesn’t cover everything. Private health insurance might be worth considering to ensure all your health concerns are taken care of.

We reveal the cheapest private health funds available in Tasmania and which ones might meet your changing lifestyle and familial obligations.

Find cheap health insurance in Tasmania

When shopping around for the right insurance policy, keep in mind that premiums are also affected by your location. Factors that play a role in determining your base premium rate include health trends in your area, the demographic composition of your state and the cost of living.

Although the price of Tasmania health insurance is an important consideration, your stage of life should be a primary factor in your decision-making process. Young, single people fresh out of university will have different requirements compared to families or retirees. Make sure your chosen cover reflects your current needs.

General exclusions and waiting periods

Private health cover is considered an effective way of covering the cost of a wide range of medical treatments and services. However, it is important that you understand the fine print of a policy before buying, so you can avoid any nasty surprises.


Conditions or services that your health insurer won’t pay for. For example:

Waiting periods

To claim for most treatments and services, you generally have to serve a waiting period, which is almost never waived. This simply means you need to wait the specified amount of time before you can claim for any services and treatments included with your policy.

Examples of general waiting periods:

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

No, you generally won’t have to pay for ambulance services in Tasmania. The Tasmanian Government normally waives most costs associated with ambulance transport within Tasmania and its islands. However, a third party might be responsible for the costs of ambulance services when injured at work or due to a car accident for which you are not at fault.

Free dental services are only available for children living in Tasmania. All children, up to 17 years old, will receive free dental check-ups, preventative care, and treatment under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

There are no free dental services for adults living in Tasmania. However, the Tasmanian Government does subsidise dental services to Tasmanians who have a Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card. They are then only required to make co-payments.



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