TAL Health Insurance Review: Hospital and Extras Policies

Published: December 4, 2018

TAL, one of the leading life insurance companies in Australia has partnered with NIB, one of Australia's biggest health insurance brands, to offer you another choice of private health insurance provider.

TAL health insurance offers customers the choice of 4 Hospital policies and 4 Extras options. You are also free to mix and match these policies to create a package suitable to your and your family's requirements. Currently, this offer will only be available from select financial advisers.

If you are considering their health insurance offering, be sure you know what is covered, what's excluded, how much it costs.

ComparingExpert does not currently have access to this provider. Visit www.tal.com.au to request a quote and compare their price and benefits to the Australian private health insurance companies we have access to.

About TAL private health insurance

NIB Health Funds Limited issues TAL health cover policies. Together TAL and NIB have joined forces to bring Australians a new health insurance offering, called TAL Health Insurance.

Currently, health insurance by TAL is only available through a select group of financial advisers. If you get referred by one of these financial adviser's you could receive 5% off your premiums.

If you purchase a TAL Health Insurance Combined Hospital and Extras policy before 31 January 2019, you'll get $200 off your next premium payment after you've successfully had your plan for 3 continues months.

TAL Health Insurance cover options

TAL offers a range of flexible policy options suited to your individual requirements. You can choose between any 4 Hospital options and 4 Extras options, with the opportunity to create your own combined package by mixing and matching Hospital and Extras.

Hospital options

There are 4 Hospital cover options available, each at different price points, covering a wide range of in-hospital treatments. Every Hospital policy from TAL also includes cover for accidental injuries and emergency ambulance services after only one day of your plan being active.

The general amount of time (waiting period) you'll have to serve before claiming benefits is 2 months for psychiatric treatment, rehabilitation or palliative care and 12 months for procedures relating to pre-existing conditions, including pregnancy-related services.

Take note: Below prices are calculated on a single adult living in Victoria purchasing hospital cover with a $500 excess and excludes any rebate or loadings.

Basic Plus Hospital

  • $127.43 per month
  • Covers brain and dental surgery
  • Colonoscopies and gastroscopies
  • Joint investigations and reconstructions
  • Gynaecological services
  • Hernia repair
  • Stroke treatment and cancer surgery.
  • Removal of appendix, tonsils and adenoids.
  • Psychiatric treatment for Minimum Benefits Payable (MPB) only

Mid Hospital

  • $158.80 per month
  • Everything listed in the Basic Plus package
  • Back surgery.
  • Heart-related procedures and surgery
  • Palliative care
  • Rehabilitation

Advanced Hospital

  • $213.69 per month
  • Everything in the Mid Hospital option
  • Eye treatment and surgery
  • Joint replacement
  • Renal dialysis

Premium Hospital

  • $269.75 per month
  • Everything listed in the Advanced option
  • Assisted reproductive services and infertility investigations
  • Pregnancy and birth-related treatments
  • Obesity surgery

Important: If you decide to seek treatment at a private hospital that does not have an agreement with TAL, you might incur higher out-of-pocket expenses.

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Extras options

TAL offers you the choice between 4 Extras policies providing coverage for general treatments done outside of a hospital. You can purchase this policy type either as a stand-alone or combine it with your Hospital coverage. All Extras offers 100% back on preventative tests up to $100 and includes comprehensive ambulance coverage.

TAL Health Insurance Extras options

Essential Extras Wellbeing Extras Family Wellbeing Premium Extras
$43.38 per month per month per month per month
60% back, up to your annual limit 60% back, up to your annual limit 60% back, up to your annual limit 75% back, up to your annual limit
$600 General dental $700 General dental $700 General dental $1000 General dental
$600 Major dental $700 Major dental $700 Major dental $1100 Major dental
$500 Orthodontics $700 Orthodontics
$200 Optical $250 Optical $250 Optical $300 Optical
$300 Physiotherapy $350 Physiotherapy $350 Physiotherapy $500 Physiotherapy
$300 Chiropractic $350 Chiropractic $350 Chiropractic $400 Chiropractic
$300 Psychology $300 Psychology $400 Psychology
$200 non-PBS Pharmaceuticals $450 non-PBS Pharmaceuticals
$250 Podiatry $300 Podiatry
$250 Blood glucose monitors $250 Blood glucose monitors $250 Blood glucose monitors
$1200 Hearing aids
Source: Privatehealth.gov.au

Calculations are based on a single adult living in Victoria and exclude any rebate or loadings.

Important: Carefully review the insurer's Policy Booklet of Recognised Providers. As a customer, you can choose to receive general treatment from any provider with a professional qualification that is recognised by TAL.

Waiting periods for Extras cover

  • 1 Day: Ambulance services
  • 2 months: General dental, physiotherapy and chiropractic, non-PBS pharmaceuticals, podiatry, psychology and acupuncture.
  • 6 months: Optical and preventative tests such as a bowel screening
  • 12 months: Major dental, Endodontic, Orthodontics and blood glucose monitors
  • 3 years: Hearing aids

Before you decide to purchase health insurance from TAL, you might want to shop around to gather and compare quotes from different health funds, to make sure you find the best coverage for your requirements and budget.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Is TAL a health insurance company?

No. TAL Life Limited is a life insurance specialist in Australia. Their health policies are issued by NIB, a register private health insurer.

How can I join TAL health cover?

Currently, to get a TAL health insurance policy you’ll need to be referred by one of the select groups of financial advisers who have access to this insurer’s offering.

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