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Single Parent Health Insurance in Australia: Finding the Right Coverage

Being a single parent is a difficult job. Families have evergrowing health requirements, and it is often difficult to keep up with ever-increasing costs. Private Health insurance is designed to assist individuals, families, and policyholders with healthcare-related services. Finding the right private health insurance as a single parent is difficult but rewarding.
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Updated: 28 May 2024

We’re here to guide single parents through all the information that may be necessary to make the right decision. Budget, coverage, policy type, and many other factors can greatly influence health insurance. Factors such as government support also aim to assist single parents. Let’s have a closer look at health insurance for single parents in Australia.

Key facts

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Defining the Single-Parent Family in Health Insurance

Health insurers consider eligibility criteria that revolve around the family structure and the unique circumstances of single parents. Eligibility may hinge on factors such as legal custody, with insurers often requiring the policyholder to have primary custody of the dependents.

Single parents may qualify for specific benefits, recognising their family structure’s distinct personal health requirements, and insurers may offer tailored packages encompassing pediatric care, maternity benefits, and other child-centric services.

Considerations When Choosing a Health Plan

Hospital Cover for Single Parents

Plan Name
Premium Range (AUD)
Excess Options
Medibank Gold Advanced
$424.70 – $498.30
CBHS 100x100 1
Gold Hospital
HCF Hospital Premium Gold
$478.20 – $531.75
Complete Hospital (Gold)
Advanced Hospital Gold
$505.30 – $529.20
Silver Plus Family Hospital 750
Medibank Bronze Plus Assured
$176.70 – $226.90
Bronze Hospital 750
Basic Accident Only Hospital
$175.70 – $186.65

Source: (December 2023; Premium estimates for a single individual with children under the age of 18 living in NSW.)

Government Support and Rebates

In Australia, single parents can access crucial government support and rebates to alleviate the financial burden of health insurance. The Private Health Insurance Rebate is a key initiative that provides financial assistance based on income to reduce the cost of health insurance premiums. Single parents can qualify for this rebate by meeting certain income criteria and can claim it either as a reduction in premium or as a tax offset. Qualification for these programs is generally means-tested, and applications can be submitted through relevant government channels. These initiatives aim to make health insurance more affordable for single parents.

Changing Your Health Insurance After Divorce