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Single Parent Health Insurance in Australia: Finding the Right Coverage

Megan Fraser Fact Checked Updated: 18 January 2024
Types of Health Insurance

Being a single parent is a difficult job. Families have evergrowing health requirements, and it is often difficult to keep up with ever-increasing costs. Private Health insurance is designed to assist individuals, families, and policyholders with healthcare-related services. Finding the right private health insurance as a single parent is difficult but rewarding.

We’re here to guide single parents through all the information that may be necessary to make the right decision. Budget, coverage, policy type, and many other factors can greatly influence health insurance. Factors such as government support also aim to assist single parents. Let’s have a closer look at health insurance for single parents in Australia.

Key facts

  • When choosing a health plan, single parents should consider budget constraints, policy flexibility, provider networks, prescription coverage, emergency services, and many more.
  • Government support and rebates in Australia, such as the Private Health Insurance Rebate, aim to alleviate financial burdens for single parents.
  • When changing your Health Insurance after a divorce, seeking guidance from insurance professionals and legal advisors can help you make well-informed decisions.
  •  Insurers may offer tailored packages encompassing pediatric care, maternity benefits, and other child-centric services. 

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Defining the Single-Parent Family in Health Insurance

Health insurers consider eligibility criteria that revolve around the family structure and the unique circumstances of single parents. Eligibility may hinge on factors such as legal custody, with insurers often requiring the policyholder to have primary custody of the dependents.

Single parents may qualify for specific benefits, recognising their family structure’s distinct personal health requirements, and insurers may offer tailored packages encompassing pediatric care, maternity benefits, and other child-centric services.

Considerations When Choosing a Health Plan

Hospital Cover for Single Parents

ProviderPlan NamePremium Range (AUD)Excess Options
Medibank Private LimitedMedibank Gold Advanced$424.70 – $498.30$750
CBHS Corporate Health Pty LtdGold Hospital$444.90
HCFHCF Hospital Premium Gold$478.20 – $531.75$750
Australian Unity Health LimitedComplete Hospital (Gold)$500.30
ahm health insuranceAdvanced Hospital Gold$505.30 – $529.20
AIA Health Insurance Pty LtdSilver Plus Family Hospital 750$491.12$750
Peoplecare Health InsuranceSilver Hospital $750$244.77$750
Medibank Private LimitedMedibank Bronze Plus Assured$176.70 – $226.90
AIA Health Insurance Pty LtdBronze Hospital 750$199.78$750
Bupa HI Pty LtdBasic Accident Only Hospital$175.70 – $186.65

Source: (December 2023; Premium estimates for a single individual with children under the age of 18 living in NSW.)

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Extras Cover for Single Parents

ProviderPlan NamePremium (AUD)
Peoplecare Health InsurancePremium Extras$402.34
rt healthAmbulance and Top Extras$228.88
Qantas InsuranceQantas Top Extras$317.93
Westfund LimitedUltimate Extras (Dependants under 25)$248.36
Peoplecare Health InsuranceHigh Extras$258.20
Medibank Private LimitedMy Choice Extras Complete 90$324.70
Bupa HI Pty LtdTop Extras 90$366.85
ahm health insuranceSuper Extras$204.80
Latrobe Health ServicesPremier Families Extras$152.25
nib Health Funds Ltd.Advantage Extras$170.74

Source: (December 2023; Premium estimates for a single individual with children under the age of 18 living in NSW.)

Government Support and Rebates

In Australia, single parents can access crucial government support and rebates to alleviate the financial burden of health insurance. The Private Health Insurance Rebate is a key initiative that provides financial assistance based on income to reduce the cost of health insurance premiums. Single parents can qualify for this rebate by meeting certain income criteria and can claim it either as a reduction in premium or as a tax offset. Qualification for these programs is generally means-tested, and applications can be submitted through relevant government channels. These initiatives aim to make health insurance more affordable for single parents.

Single Parent scaled

Changing Your Health Insurance After Divorce

Navigating health insurance changes after a divorce requires careful consideration of your individual circumstances. Seeking guidance from insurance professionals and legal advisors can help you make well-informed decisions during this transition. Here’s some guidance on transitioning health insurance plans post-divorce:

  • Inform your current health insurance provider about the divorce. They will guide you through the necessary steps and provide information on how the divorce will impact your coverage.
  • Research individual health plans available in your area. Compare coverage, premiums, and out-of-pocket costs to find a plan that meets your needs as a single parent.
  • Ensure that all personal information, including your marital status, is updated with your health insurance provider.
  • If the divorce settlement includes provisions for health insurance, consult with legal professionals to understand your rights and responsibilities. 

How to Save Money on Your Single Parent Health Insurance

Saving money as a single parent is extremely important. It is difficult to predict when a medical emergency may happen, and having comprehensive coverage for your family that meets these emergencies is crucial. Here are some strategies for single parents to save money on health insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • What Makes Health Insurance Plans Suitable for Single Parents?

    Health Insurance is often designed with specific groups of people in mind. For single parents, affordability is a key factor, helping single parents manage their budget effectively while ensuring access to essential healthcare services. Health Insurance plans often prioritise child-specific services such as pediatric care and vaccination. Depending on the chosen policy and coverage, a single parent can navigate the stress of healthcare with additional assistance that is tailored to specific needs.
  • How Can Single Parents Find Affordable Health Insurance?

    Single parents seeking affordable health insurance in Australia can follow several tips to navigate the options effectively. It is important to compare multiple health insurance plans by using comparing websites, receiving information directly from the insurer, and even reading reviews. Government rebates, such as the Private Health Insurance Rebate, provide financial assistance based on income. Single parents may also qualify for the Single Parent Health Care Card, which offers concession benefits. It’s crucial to evaluate the policy’s overall value and factor in your family’s specific health requirements.
  • Are There Specific Government Supports for Single Parents in Health Insurance?

    In Australia, single parents can access certain government support to alleviate health insurance costs. One notable assistance is the Single Parent Health Care Card. This card provides concession benefits, including reduced prescription costs and additional benefits for healthcare services. Single parents receiving certain government payments, such as Parenting Payment or Newstart Allowance, may qualify for this card.
  • What Should Single Parents Prioritize in Hospital and Extras Cover?

    When selecting hospital and extras cover, single parents should prioritise policies that offer comprehensive pediatric services, ensuring coverage for essential check-ups and vaccinations. Policies with extras cover, preventive care, including dental check-ups and optical exams, contribute to overall health maintenance and minimising out-of-pocket expenses. Having a comprehensive policy that provides coverage for necessary services is extremely important for single parents because it protects the family from medical emergencies and lessens the massive out-of-pocket burden that is often associated with healthcare.
  • Can Single Parents Change Their Health Insurance Plan Easily?

    Single parents in Australia have the flexibility to change their health insurance plan if needed, but there are some important considerations. Switching plans or providers is a straightforward process, and it can often be done online or by contacting the new insurer directly. However, here are some factors that a single parent should take into account: waiting periods, benefits, policy coverage, budget and lifestyle changes.

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