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Qantas Health Insurance Review

Qantas offers customers a range of health insurance products including health insurance. Their products include 5 Hospital, 5 Extras cover options and 3 packaged family plans that combine popular Hospital and Extras policies. By making smart lifestyle choices, members also have the option to earn Qantas Points.
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Updated: 28 May 2024

You might be considering purchasing a health insurance policy from Qantas before your 31st birthday to avoid the Lifetime Health Cover (LHC) loading. Or you may be looking for new health coverage because you’re unhappy with your current cover. Whatever the reason, it’s important to compare your options and find the right cover for your requirements. Learn more about the pros and cons of Qantas’ health insurance to determine whether they’re right for you.

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Pros and cons of Qantas assure health insurance

Backed by nib, one of Australia’s fastest growing health funds.
If you attend a hospital that’s not on their list of Agreement Hospitals, you must pay the difference between the hospital’s total charge and the benefit payable by the health fund.
Are you under 30? You may be eligible for an aged based discount of up to 10% on your Hospital premium, depending on your age.
Pregnancy and birth-related hospital services are only available through the Qantas Gold Hospital option.
Get up to 75% rebate on Extras, depending on the policy purchased.
Doctors and specialist’s administration and booking fees are not payable by the company’s Medigap Scheme.
Members can earn up to 130,000 Qantas points.
Podiatric Surgeon fees for services provided in the hospital are not payable by the fund.
Improve your health and earn more Qantas points with their Wellbeing App.
You will not be covered for a private room in a hospital when it’s for a same-day procedure.

Is Qantas health insurance worth it?

Qantas health insurance offers members Hospital cover from $109.99 per month, and Extras from $43.47 monthly. They also provide packaged bundles which are designed specifically with families in mind. Whether this is insurer offers its members good value typically depends on your unique requirements. Examine all of the determining factors, like cost, benefits, waiting periods, excesses and exclusions to decide if this insurer is right for you.

Qantas Hospital Cover

Cost per month
Basic: Minimise out-of-pocket expenses for hospital-related fees with this basic hospital plan available to couples, families and single-parent families.
Dental surgery, Gastrointestinal endoscopy, Gynecology, Hernia and Appendix, joint reconstructions; miscarriage and termination of pregnancy, Tonsils, adenoids and grommets.
Bronze: An affordable option covering in-hospital treatments when admitted to a hospital because of an accident.
Cover for 26 different categories. Cover includes all benefits from the Basic plan and other treatments like pain management, insulin pumps, sleep studies, etc.
Silver: Mid-range cover offered by Qantas for hospital treatment benefits.
31 clinical categories are covered, includes cover for the male reproductive system, rehabilitation and cancer treatment.
Silver Plus: This plan covers nearly all in-hospital services listed in Qantas Health, excluding pregnancy and birth-related services.
Provides cover for 35 clinical categories including cataracts, dialysis, joint replacements and weight loss surgery.
Gold: A complete cover health plan, considered to be ideal if you’re a couple, a single parents or planning a family.
Comprehensive cover for all 38 clinical categories.

Source: January 2021 (Estimates for singles cover in NSW with a $500 excess)

Qantas Assure Extras

Cost per month
Basic: Affordable Extras cover, that pays for a few general treatments.
Cover for 6 general Extras treatments, including General and Major dental, endodontic, optical, non-PBS pharmaceutical and physiotherapy.
Family: This plan covers the family unit for various everyday needs and provides for the family’s growth.
Provides cover for 17 different general treatments. Includes podiatry, acupuncture, remedial massage and speech therapy.
Lifestyle: The Lifestyle plan allows for Extras services that help you look after your overall health and well-being.
Offers cover for 16 treatment categories and includes osteopathy, Chinese medicine, health management and dietetics.
Active: If you lead an active lifestyle, then this Qantas plan is for you. You’ll receive support with specific Extras treatments and services.
Covers 18 treatment categories and includes benefits for exercise physiology, Orthotics and occupational therapy.
Top: An extensive range of services with higher annual limits best suited to couples, families and single parents.
26 general Extras treatment categories are covered, and you’ll have access to home nursing, Ante-natal classes, blood glucose monitors, orthodontics, and hearing aids.

Source: January 2021 (Estimates for singles cover in NSW)

Family bundles

Qantas offers family health insurance policies with families in mind. These cover the cost of the whole family’s healthcare needs from dental check-ups to specs for the kids and in-hospital treatments. Choose the Qantas level and combination that suits your needs and your pocket by combining your choice from the Hospital plans with your choice of Extras plan.

How do you earn Qantas health rewards?

When joining or switching to Qantas Health Insurance, you can earn up to 110,000 points, depending on the type and level of coverage you purchase. The standard Qantas earn rate is 1 point per $1 premium paid. You can further earn up to 20,000 points per year using their Well-being App, and completing activities like walking, going to the gym and participating in the Sleep Health Challenge.

A 45-minute cycle to work every day for a week can earn you up to 140 points while walking the dog for an hour every evening for a week will add 180 points to your tally. Making use of partner offers gives you points too. Train your way to up to 4 000 Qantas Points with Centre, or get up to 20 000 points for eating smarter with HelloFresh.