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Review Peoplecare Health Insurance and Cover Options

If you’re thinking of signing up or moving to Peoplecare health insurance and would like a review of their products and how they compare to other leading health insurers, then our breakdown of the health fund’s pricing and benefits might be useful to you.
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Updated: 28 May 2024

The Peoplecare health fund is a not-for-profit health insurer that offers 3 Hospital cover options and a choice of 4 Extras policies. They have arrangements with over 36,000 doctors and 550 hospitals all over Australia, which includes Medical Gap cover with participating doctors, which aims to reduce the gap between the Medicare fee and what doctors actually charge.

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About the health fund

The private health insurer was established in 1952 and used to restrict membership to employees of BlueScope Steel, One Steel, BHP Billiton and more than 40 affiliated companies. In 2006, they opened their doors to the public and now covers over 78,000 Australian singles, couples, families and seniors. Their head office is in Wollongong, just South of Sydney.

Today, Peoplecare is a not for profit private health insurance company and forms part of the Members Own health funds; which is a collection of not-for-profit and mutual funds in Australia, meaning they do not have shareholders and are 100% owned by members.

Health cover options from Peoplecare

The health fund offers 3 levels of Hospital cover and 4 levels of Extras cover, which you can combine into one policy if you wanted to.

Hospital cover

The not-for-profit health fund has arrangements with over 500 hospitals Australia-wide, meaning the hospital will charge your in-patient accommodation, theatre and special unit accommodation directly to Peoplecare Australia, on your behalf.

3 Peoplecare Hospital cover options

Public Hospital
Basic Hospital
Premium Hospital
$103.79 per month
$117.35 per month
Between $201.55 and $239.47 depending on your excess.
No Excess and no co-payment
$500 excess
A choice between $0, $250 and $500
Only covers accommodation as a private patient in a public hospital.
Accommodation in a private or public hospital as a private patient.
Includes obstetrics and pregnancy-related services, hip and knee replacement, gastric banding and heart and chest procedures.
Benefits are limited to Commonwealth Government set benefits only.
Palliatives care, psychiatric services and rehabilitation are only covered in a public hospital as a private patient.
Does not include cosmetic surgery or services not covered by Medicare.
Comprehensive ambulance cover with no waiting period.
Comprehensive ambulance cover with no waiting period.
Comprehensive ambulance cover with no waiting period.

The above pricing is based on a single adult, living in Victoria, with no dependents as at November 2018.

When purchasing a Premium Hospital policy, you’ll get access to Peoplecare’s free health programs created to help you stay healthy and manage chronic and complicated medical conditions, so you can leave the hospital faster and recover at home.

You’ll generally need to serve a 2-month waiting period to be eligible for health programs like:

Hospital waiting periods