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New South Wales Private Health Insurance

As a resident of NSW, you might be investigating the different private Health Insurance options available in your region.
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Updated: 27 May 2024

NSW has a large network of hospitals and clinics throughout the region. In fact, there are 84 private hospitals, 210 public hospitals, 500 early childhood centres and 280 community-run health centres.

With such a variety of options available you might want to start by comparing your private health insurance options.

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The cost of NSW Health Insurance

Private health insurance offers you various types of cover options, so you’re able to choose the one most suited to your specific needs and circumstances: Hospital only, Extras only and Combined hospital and extras, as well as Ambulance cover.

Health insurance premiums may vary considerably according to the state or territory you live in. Contributing factors that will affect your premium include:

Health insurance levy and rebate

Health insurance can play a significant role in your annual taxable income. By purchasing private health insurance, you reduce the burden on the public health care system and avoid having to pay the 1.5% Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS) and 2% Lifetime Health Cover loading.

The Australian Government created the private health insurance rebate as an incentive for Australians to purchase private health cover. The percentage of your premiums you get back is based on your taxable income, your age, and how many dependent children you have, but generally you can claim up to 34.579% through either reduced premiums or paying less on your annual income taxes from the ATO.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

No, ambulance cover is not free for people living in NSW. A call-out fee with a per-kilometre-rate is charged. Only pensioners and concession card holders are exempt from having to pay this fee. However, as a NSW resident, you will only be billed for 51% of the actual charge. This is because the NSW government subsidises Ambulance Cover for its residents.

While Medicare alone is a popular choice, many mothers-to-be opt to add private health insurance. Having private health cover ensures that you get a higher standard of medical care which includes the benefits Medicare does not cover only provides restrictive cover. For example:

  • Obstetrician appointments
  • Ultrasounds and blood tests.
  • In-hospital costs like baby delivery and anaesthetics fees.
  • Paediatric and post-natal check-ups (e.g. by a midwife)

When taking out private health insurance you protect yourself from any unexpected out-of-pocket-costs. We help you compare the different options available, so you can choose the best cover that suits your unique requirements.



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