myOwn Health Insurance Review

Published: January 17, 2018

GMHBA has partnered with AIA Vitality to bring you myOwn Health Insurance. This AIA health insurance initiative rewards you for looking after your health by giving you up to 75% back from any credit provider up to your annual limit when adding Extras cover. Basically, the more healthy and active you are, the more Vitality points you’ll earn; the more points you earn the healthier you’ll become and so the motivational cycle continues.


With AIA now including their Vitality benefits to a health insurance program it promises to be a game changer, which is why we have provided you with a thorough review, so you can decide whether their products suit your requirements and budget.

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About myOwn

GMHBA, a not-for-profit health fund has partnered with the life insurance giant AIA and their Vitality programme to create myOwn health insurance. They not only help you when things go wrong, they believe in helping you become healthier now, to prevent illnesses.

Together, these three groups aim to improve the health and wellbeing of Australians. By creating a product that protects you financially, while motivating you to be healthier, you’ll have great incentives to stick to your health goals. You can look forward to lower premiums, discounts on flights and gym memberships, and assorted gift vouchers.

Benefits of AIA Vitality health insurance

  • Access to a wide variety of hospital and extras cover, giving you the choice of cover suited to your needs and circumstances.
  • You are covered by a health insurer while simultaneously being able to enjoy the benefits of a health-and-wellness program.
  • Extras Cover with 50% to 70% returns from any recognised provider up to your annual limit.
  • Skin checks and swimming lessons for kids on Extras Cover (when recommended by a doctor).
  • A 5% health insurance premium discount upon joining. This applies while you maintain a Silver Status.
  • 12.5% starting discount on life insurance from AIA Australia through your Vitality membership.
  • Easily earn AIA Vitality points when doing health assessments and redeem rewards, using the Vitality app.
  • Peace of mind knowing that myOwn is backed by companies with a combined 120 years’ experience.

myOwn Health Insurance cover options

MyOwn offers you the choice between standalone hospital cover and combined hospital and extras cover. Standalone extras cover is not available.

Hospital only cover with AIA Vitality

Hospital cover helps with the cost of treatments you need while in the hospital. All hospital cover includes a $500 excess per policy per calendar year for singles and $1000 for couples. No co-payments apply to any treatments covered by any levels of myOwn cover.

Each of the hospital covers below includes AIA Vitality memberships for up to two adults, the main member and their partner. myOwn offers you the choice of:

  • Accidental hospital cover: For members seeking a low level of cover. Covers private hospital treatment for accidental injuries only. Includes emergency transport in an ambulance. Restricted cover for Psychiatric, palliative care and rehabilitation.
  • Basic hospital cover: Affordable cover, with a slightly higher level of coverage than Accident only cover. Covers private hospital treatment for accident injuries, joint investigations and reconstruction, hernias, cancer treatment, appendix removal and various other procedures.
  • Mid hospital cover: Offers a broader range cover. Covers everything in Basic, but also includes rehabilitation, brain surgery, cardiac services and more.
  • Comprehensive hospital cover: A high level of cover for those not wanting cover for pregnancy or IVF services. Includes cover for joint replacements, palliative care, renal dialysis, cataract surgery and more.
  • Top hospital Cover: The highest level of hospital cover available. Covers private hospital treatment for everything included in the Comprehensive option, but with pregnancy-related services, IVF and reproductive services added.

Hospital and Extras cover with AIA Vitality

Extras cover can only be taken with hospital cover. Extras cover helps with the payment for treatments and services not covered by Medicare. myOwn offers five Extras Cover options, each including the AIA Vitality Program.

Accidental cover

  • Entry-level option.
  • Provides treatment in a private hospital for accident-related injuries only.
  • Includes emergency ambulance transportation.
  • 50% can be claimed back on general and preventative dental with a $600 claiming limit per year.
  • 50% claim back on chiropractic and Osteopathy with a $200 claiming limit per year.
  • 100% can be claimed back on optical. However, a 6 month waiting period applies and claiming limit is $200 per year.

Basic package

  • An affordable option offering more than the Accident Only option.
  • Private hospital cover for accidents, joint investigations and reconstructions, hernias, cancer treatment and other procedures.
  • 55% claim back on general dental with an $800 claiming limit per year.
  • 55% back on preventative dental with no limit to your claiming amount, Major dental is however capped at $500 per year, per member.
  • 55% back on physiotherapy ($300 limit) and chiropractic and osteopathy with a $200 yearly claiming limit.
  • 100% can be claimed back on optical with a $250 claiming limit.

Mid package

  • Mid-level hospital cover, providing coverage for cardiac services, dental implants, brain surgery and more.
  • 60% on general and major dental with an $800 claiming limit per year, per member.
  • 100% can be claimed back on optical with a $250 limit.
  • 60% back on psychology, audiology and speech therapy, capped at $300.
  • 60% claim back on no-PBS Pharmacy capped at $40 per prescription ($300 total).

Comprehensive package

  • High level of coverage, excluding pregnancy-related services.
  • Private hospital cover for palliative care, joint replacement, rehabilitation, cataract surgery, spinal surgery, renal dialysis, etc.
  • 70% can be claimed back on general and major dental ($1000 yearly claim limit) and preventative dental.
  • 70% claim back on no-PBS Pharmacy capped at $40 per prescription ($400 total).
  • 70% back on Dietetics, including weight loss programs, capped at $400.
  • 70% back on medically prescribed appliances like hearing aids, capped at $500.
  • 100% can be claimed back on optical with a $300 claiming limit.

Top package

  • Top-level hospital cover is perhaps best suited to the needs of a growing family.
  • Offers the same benefits as Comprehensive but adds pregnancy-related services, including antenatal and postnatal (capped at $400 per year).
  • 70% claim back on general and major dental, capped at $1000 and an orthodontics lifetime limit of $2600.
  • 100% back on optical with a $300 limit per year per member.
  • 70% claim back on psychology, speech and occupational therapy and audiology with a $400 yearly limit per member.
  • 70% back on physiotherapy, exercise physiology, remedial massage and podiatry with a limit of $400 per year.

Find Out More About myOwn Cover

Waiting periods

A waiting period refers to the amount of time that needs to pass before a member is entitled to the benefits of a policy.

  • Pre-existing conditions: 12 months
  • Pregnancy: 12 months
  • Accidents and emergency ambulance: 1 day
  • All other hospital admissions: 2 months
  • General dental: 2 months
  • Major dental: 12 months
  • Psychology: 2 months
  • Optical: 6 months
  • Medical appliances like hearing aids: 12 months

What’s not covered

Every policy has services and treatments they don’t cover. Here are services that you will not be able to claim for with your myOwn policy:

  • Hospital treatments for which Medicare pays no benefit, for example, Cosmetic Surgery.
  • High-cost medications not listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).
  • Only pays the minimum amount set out by the Australian Government for accommodation as a private patient in a shared room in a public hospital.
  • Treatments provided outside of Australia.
  • Treatment or services provided during a policy waiting period.
  • Treatment or services provided by a family member.

How does the AIA Vitality Program work?

AIA Vitality is a health and wellbeing program that awards you points for living healthy. Accumulate enough points, and you’ll unlock big discounts and rewards.

The program provides members with actionable, easy-to-access information and checklists online. It also takes steps to encourage you to improve the state of your health, with gym discounts, fitness devices and app integrations, and other incentive programs (such as encouraging members to stop smoking) to keep you motivated.

With Vitality, you’ll be rewarded for prioritising your health, scoring points for each milestone that you’ve achieved and logged. As your points accumulate and your Vitality Status level increases, you’ll enjoy a host of benefits such as lower insurance premiums and significant discounts from AIA’s partners. 

How to earn AIA Vitality points

To earn AIA Vitality Points you first have to purchase a policy, set-up your AIA Vitality account and download the App for Android or iPhone. Once your account has been activated, you can earn points by tracking your health status and improving your health through diet and exercise.

Know your health status

Start using the Vitality Program by first assessing your health. Once you’ve completed your Vitality Health Review, you will be awarded 1, 000 points. Other assessments include:

  • Free online Vitality Nutrition Assessment.
  • Mental Wellbeing Assessment.
  • Skin Self-Exam.
  • Non-Smokers Declaration.

Improve your health

Earn points for making healthy food choices and tracking your physical activity. The more points you earn, the higher your Vitality level and the bigger your rewards. From Bronze all the way to Platinum. For example, you can earn 100 points for walking 12, 500 steps in a day.

Get rewarded

Accumulate enough points, and you could qualify for rewards. These rewards could be as simple as cinema discounts or as valuable as 20% off your premiums.

You now have real incentive to keep those New Year’s resolutions and make great headway in losing weight, getting fit, and eating healthier. With AIA Vitality program by your side, you’ll be motivated to work out at the gym, participate in organised fitness events, make use of fitness devices to track your everyday athletic activities, log your weight loss, keep your cholesterol and blood pressure down, and eat a balanced diet.

AIA Vitality Rewards

AIA Vitality offers all the knowledge, tools, and motivation you need to improve your health. The healthier you get, the more Vitality Points you earn, which lets you build up your Vitality Status.

As a new member, you’ll start on Bronze and work your way up to Platinum. Each status will unlock more discounts and rewards, including significant discounts on life, TPD, trauma and now income protection insurance premiums, travel, entertainment, and shopping rewards.

Vitality Status Vitality Points
Bronze 0
Silver 10,000
Gold 20,000
Platinum 30,000
Category Activity Points earned or rewards given
Know your health Online nutrition assessment 1,000 points, 500 per assessment, completed twice per year (6 months apart).
Health check Up to 600 points per year when visiting your GP or TerryWhite Chemmart pharmacy when results are within a healthy range. Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure, cholesterol and random blood glucose.
Fitness assessment 750 points. Can be done twice per year for a total of up to 3,000 points.
Mental wellbeing assessment 150 points per assessment, a total of 4 assessments for 600 points.
Preventative health checks 1,000 points each: Mammogram, Pap Smear and Colon cancer screen.
Improve your health Nutrition tracking 1,200 points per calendar quarter for logging food intake on your Fitbit app.
Organised fitness events (pre-approved) Up to 1,500 points.
Goals Up to 6,000 points.
Get active 100 points for 12,500 steps in a day.
Non-smoker's declaration 1,000 points.
Enjoy rewards and discounts Travel – Virgin Australia Flights
First two booking discounts are at your status level, after that 10%.
  • Bronze: 10% discount
  • Silver: 20% discount
  • Gold: 30% discount
  • Platinum: 50% discount
Endota Spa
Maximum four vouchers per year.
  • Bronze: 20% discount
  • Silver: 30% discount
  • Gold: 40% discount
  • Platinum: 50% discount
HOYTS and Alliance partners tickets. Max 6 tickets per month.
  • $6 off-peak
  • $9 restricted
  • $12 unrestricted
  • $24 HOYTS Lux off-peak
  • $29 peak
Shopping vouchers
From $20 up to $200 to spend at your choice of retailers.
For every 5,000 points, up to 35,000.
  • Meyer
  • Ticketmaster
  • Woolworths
  • Caltex Woolworths
  • Rebel
Active Benefits – Boost Juice 250 physical activity points per week (excluding organised fitness) equals 1 voucher per week to the value of $7.50.

AIA Vitality Rewards Partners

You can use your Vitality membership at these AIA Vitality partners:

  • Nutrition Assessment – 50% off
    • Dietitians Association of Australia
    • Accredited Practicing Dietitian
  • Fitness
    • Fitness First: Up to 50% off
    • Virgin Active: 50% off
    • Fitness First: Up to 50% off
    • Step into Life: 40% off
    • Allen Carr’s Easyway To Stop Smoking: Up to 100% off
    • Fitbit: Up to 25% off
    • Garmin: Up to 25% off
    • Jaggad Life Athletic: Up to 50% off
  • Other
    • Virgin Australia Flights: Up to 50% off
    • Caltex Woolworths
    • Endota Spa
    • HOYTS: Up to 70% off
    • Ticketmaster
    • Myer
    • Boost Juice

Premium Discounts

At present, premiums are discounted based on your efforts to improve your health and can be as high as 20% of your Lump Sum premiums if platinum status is maintained.

  • Lump Sum Benefit: A Lump Sum Benefit is the benefit amount under your policy.
  • Income Stream Benefit: Includes income protection, business expenses or incorporated business expenses benefits.

Members new to AIA and Vitality

Premiums will be discounted from your first premium due date, by an amount of Initial Discount.

The Initial Discount, in respect of your policy, is an amount equal to the Lump Sum Benefit of your premiums and is only applied once, from the first premium due date after you’ve joined the program.

  • Lump Sum products initial discount = 12.5%
  • Income Protection initial discount = 7.5%

Current AIA policyholders without Vitality

It is easy to join so long as you have an eligible policy. You can join the program by completing an enquiry above.

By joining you will get access to the following benefits:

  • Initial Premium Discounts off Lump sum & Income Protection Products
  • Vitality Program Benefits & Rewards

Existing AIA Policyholders and Vitality Members

So long as your policy remains in-force and you’ve been a Vitality member since 20 January 2017, the premiums you pay for any Income Stream Benefits will be discounted by the Income Stream Initial discount.

At AIA’s discretion, the amount of your initial discount may be adjusted either up or down according to the level of any Premium Flex discounts that was previously applied.

Meaning, every year, on your policy anniversary, your discount will be adjusted depending on the status you’ve reached; bronze, silver, gold, or platinum. This is called Premium Flex.

Lump Sum Benefit Premium Flex

AIA Vitality Status Percentage Change Maximum Discount
Bronze -2.50% 20%
Silver -1.25%
Gold -0.00%
Platinum +1.00%

For example, if you started with Bronze status and upon your policy anniversary you are still on Bronze, your 12.5% initial discount will decrease to a 10% discount for the year ahead.

Income Stream Benefits Premium Flex

AIA Vitality Status Percentage Change Maximum Discount
Bronze 0.00% 20%
Silver +0.50%
Gold +1.00%
Platinum +2.00%

For example, if you’d been on a Silver status and upon your policy anniversary you’ve accumulated enough points to be awarded Gold status, your initial 7.5% discount will increase to an 8.5% discount for the year ahead.

FAQs about My Own health insurance

Should I get a myOwn health insurance policy?

Whether myOwn health insurance is the right option for you depends on various factors, including your stage of life, budget and general health. However, the AIA Vitality program has already helped millions of people from around the world to live healthier lives.

How do I claim points for Virgin Australia flights?

As of 30 October 2018, Virgin Australia replaced Qantas as an AIA Vitality partner. When booking your Virgin Australia flight, you have to use the Virgin Australia portal and choose a flight that is clearly marked with an AIA Vitality discounted sticker. Your cash back rewards will then be automatically credited to your nominated bank account. However, the cash back rewards are only payable on the base fares and exclude taxes. 

Is JB Hi-Fi still a vitality partner?

No, as of 30 October 2018, JB Hi-Fi was replaced with Ticketmaster. You can now earn up to $650 per year to spend on concerts and some of Australia's biggest sporting events. 

How do I make an AIA health insurance claim?

There are a variety of ways you can lodge a claim with myOwn.

  • Online: Claim through their membership service by logging on to the myOwn member’s portal. Remember to upload your receipts within 2 months of receiving treatment.
  • Electronically: You can swipe your myOwn membership card at any healthcare provider that supports HICAPS and claim right there and then.
  • By phone or old-school post: You can call their offices directly or fill out the paperwork, attach itemised invoices and post it to myOwn. Contact details can be found on their website.

How much does my AIA Vitality membership cost?

In Australia, your AIA Vitality membership will cost just $10.00 monthly, which is added on to your policy premium. Generally, you can choose to pay either monthly or annually via your credit card (MasterCard or Visa) or via direct debits from your bank account.

Your membership will include access to your online profile, where you can track your health progress, as well as a variety of discounts and rewards. The amount that you save from these discounts can be enough to cover your monthly membership fee. 

How does the program monitor fitness activity?

One of the ways you can earn Vitality Points is through physical activity. AIA Vitality will monitor your fitness activity through a fitness monitoring device. To help you get your device and stay on budget, AIA Vitality members get discounts on devices from Fitbug, FitBiz, Jawbone, or Fitbit.

These devices can be used to measure:

  • Distance walked
  • Number of steps taken
  • The amount of activity you’ve undertaken
  • How much water you have consumed
  • Calories consumed
  • Your weight
  • The hours that you have slept

How can I gain access to AIA Vitality?

You must be 18 years or older and complete one of the below steps:

  • Apply for a myOwn
  • Take out an eligible AIA Australia life insurance policy.
  • Visit one of their AIA Customer Service Centres and inquire about signing up.
  • Go to the AIA website and login to eCare to join the program.

While myOwn health insurance does sound appealing, it is still worth comparing health insurance policies to ensure you purchase the right type and amount for your specific needs and requirements.

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