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MyOwn Health Insurance Review

As of 6 March 2020, myOwn is closed for new business. No new myOwn policies will be sold. However, current customers policies will remain as is. If you’re interested in a private health insurance policy that includes AIA Vitality, then you might want to consider policies from the newly launched AIA Health Insurance.
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Updated: 29 May 2024

MyOwn Health Insurance offers seven Hospitals and four Extras plans and policies to choose from, many of which have a different limit and excess options. In addition to providing a wide variety of policy options, you’ll also be able to join the AIA Vitality programme where you’ll be able to earn rewards for making healthy lifestyle choices.

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Who owns

AIA insurance partnered with GHMBA to create MyOwn Health Insurance Company. The MyOwn health insurance AIA was established in 2017. However, as of March 2020, it was decided that this fund would no longer be offering cover to new members.

Can I still buy a policy from MyOwn?

No, as of 6 March 2020, MyOwn is no longer offering new policies to the public. If you are an existing member of this fund, your cover will continue. However, if you’d like to purchase a health insurance policy which includes AIA Vitality, you may want to consider applying for a policy from AIA Health Insurance.

Benefits of myOwn private health insurance

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myOwn health insurance with AIA Vitality offers you the choice of standalone Hospital cover or a combined package of Hospital and Extras cover.

Take note: Standalone Extras cover is not available from this health fund.

Hospital cover options

Private Hospital cover helps pay the cost of treatments and services received while an in-patient in the hospital. You can generally choose an Excess amount of either $500 or $750. No Excess is payable for children or student dependents.

Take note: Below is a quick overview of what each Hospital policy offers. For a comprehensive list of benefits and exclusions, please visit the myOwn health insurance website.

Basic Hospital

Restricted cover for hospital psychiatric, palliative care and rehabilitation.

Bronze Hospital

Bronze Plus Hospital

Silver Hospital

Silver Plus Hospital

Silver Plus Enhanced

Gold Hospital

Source: (June 2019)

Hospital and Extras packages

Extras cover can only be purchased in combination with Hospital cover. Extras cover helps with the payment for general treatments and services received outside of the hospital that Medicare doesn’t cover, for example, dental, optical and physiotherapy.

Minimum 50 Extras

Lite 60 Extras

Waiting Periods

waiting period refers to the amount of time that needs to pass before you can claim the benefits listed under your policy.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

myOwn members will remain on their current policy and will continue to have access to their Online Member Service portal via the myOwn website. However, if you wish to switch to AIA Health Insurance, you won’t have to re-serve waiting periods when taking out policy of the same or lower level of cover.

As a current myOwn client that also has an active AIA Vitality membership, you’re still eligible to receive the 5% health and life discount on other eligible AIA Priority Protection products.

Whether myOwn health insurance is a good health fund for you, depends on your unique requirements, including your stage of life, budget and general health. However, if you want access to the AIA Vitality program, then purchasing myOwn Health Insurance, might be worth considering.

If you’re between 18 and 29 year’s old and purchase an eligible myOwn Hospital policy, you can generally get up to 10% off your premiums. The discount amount you’ll receive depends on your age when you first purchase a selected Hospital policy. The discount will be automatically applied when you join and will continue until you turn 41 if you continue to pay your premiums.


  • Log in to the myOwn member’s portal. Remember to upload your receipts within two months of receiving treatment.
  • Swipe your myOwn membership card at any healthcare provider that supports HICAPS and claim right there and then.
  • Download and complete the paperwork, remember to attach itemised invoices and post or email it to the company.

Children can stay on your family or single parent health insurance policy up until their 21st birthday. After that, they have 2 months to get their own cover if they don’t want to serve any waiting periods. However, if they qualify as student dependents, they may remain covered on your policy until they turn 25 years old.

Once you join AIA health insurance and become a member, you’ll automatically have AIA Vitality and start on the Bronze status. You can improve your status by earning points when completing various health assessments and fitness activities. The more you improve your health, the bigger the rewards, for example, receive up to 50% off selected gym memberships and up to $650 worth of shopping vouchers from selected retailers, including Myer, Ticketmaster and Woolworths.

Learn more on how you can earn points by visiting our AIA Vitality information page.

This offer is available to new myOwn customers that buy any myOwn health insurance policy between 13 May and 30 June 2019 and agrees to pay their premium by direct debit. This offer is not available to people that have held a myOwn membership during the previous 12 months.

Six weeks’ worth of premiums will be credited back into your direct debit account in your third month of continuous cover on the same or upgraded policy after you’ve paid your first two months of premiums.

Waiting periods, sub-limits and annual limit apply. This offer cannot be used together with any other promotional join offer.



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