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Medibank Health Insurance Review

Megan Fraser Updated: 12 February 2021
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Are you thinking about buying a Medibank Health Insurance policy for your healthcare needs and wondering if this insurer is the right choice for you? Or is it time to review your current health insurance to ensure your requirements are met?

With more than 40 years’ experience, Medibank is a leading private health insurer serving 3.7 million customers across Australia. They’ve even been awarded Canstar’s ‘Outstanding Value Insurance’ 13 years in a row. Currently, they offer members the choice between 9 different Hospital options and 4 Extras plans.

Delve into the Medibank Health private Insurance review below to learn more about their policies to see if they offer health coverage suited to your requirements.

ComparingExpert does not currently have access to this provider. Visit to request a quote and compare their price and benefits to the Australian private health insurance companies we have access to.

Is Medibank a non-profit insurer?

No, presently Medibank operates on a for profit health basis. Originally, Medibank was launched in 1976 by the Australian Government as a non-profit company. In 2009, the business changed to a for-profit entity and continued to operate as such. Medibank was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 2014 affirming its shareholder-owned approach.

Health cover options

If you are considering private health insurance, Medibank may have an option that suits your requirements. Medibank members have a choice of 9 Hospital, and 4 Extras cover policies for both hospital and everyday health services.

Medibank offers a Priority program for members who have held a Hospital or Extras policy for ten years or more. These members have access to benefits such as a dedicated service line, support from health professionals when they go to the hospital, and other exclusive offers.

Medibank Hospital Cover

Medibank Hospital Cover options allow you to get in-hospital cover and treatments with flexible options to choose from. These options include ambulance services and accident cover. Hospital Cover is split into Basic, Bronze, Silver and Gold categories so that its easier for you to select which option best suits your needs.

Basic Accident and Ambulance

This policy is designed to ensure you’re taken care of in the event of an unforeseen accident. However, you won’t be able to add any Extras to this policy type.

  • Cost: from $71.95 monthly.
  • Benefits: accidents cover; ambulance services; rural and regional transport and accommodation.

Basic Plus Healthy Start

With the young and health in mind, this policy offers peace of mind with basic coverage.

  • Cost: from $76.40 monthly
  • Benefits: All benefits from Basic Accident and Ambulance are included, joint reconstruction; hernia and appendix services.

Bronze Everyday

Medibank offers cost-effective hospital cover for a wide range of procedures with this option.

  • Cost: from $80.90 monthly
  • Benefits: Includes all benefits from Basic Plus Healthy Start and cover for bone, joint and muscle treatments; chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy for cancer; diabetes management; and more.

Medibank Bronze Plus Progress

This plan ensures you’re covered for a wide range of treatments and procedures you may receive in hospital.

  • Cost: from $81.00 monthly
  • Benefits: You’ll have access to all services available in Bronze Everyday and cover for palliative care; brain and nervous system treatments; medically necessary breast treatments; gynaecology; and more.

Medibank Bronze Plus Assured

The Medibank Bronze Plus Assured plan offers the most comprehensive cover in the Bronze product category.

  • Cost: $93.40 monthly
  • Benefits: Full cover for benefits from Bronze Plus Progress and kidney and bladder treatments; miscarriage and termination of pregnancy; pain management; and more.

Medibank Silver Everyday

Expand on your private hospital cover with this plan that provides a wide range of services, including heart and vascular procedures.

  • Cost: $112.90 monthly
  • Benefits: male reproductive system treatments; skin treatments; tonsils, adenoids and grommets; lung and chest treatments; heart and vascular system treatments; and more

Medibank Silver Plus Assured

With a little more than the Silver Everyday plan on offer, Medibank Silver Plus Assured plan covers additional in-hospital treatments.

  • Cost: $113.95 monthly
  • Benefits: All benefits from Silver Everyday and additional cover for dental surgery; medically necessary plastic and reconstructive surgery; and more.

Medibank Silver Plus Security

This plan offers comprehensive hospital cover for those who are happy to opt for a policy without pregnancy and birth coverage.

  • Cost: $148.75 monthly
  • Benefits: You’ll have access to all services available in Silver Plus Assured and brain and nervous system treatments; medically necessary breast surgery; dental surgery; sleep studies; and more.

Medibank Gold Complete

The top-end Gold Complete plan will cover you for a host of in-hospital treatments from pregnancy and birth to psychiatric services.

  • Cost: $157.65 monthly
  • Benefits: All benefits from Silver Plus Security are included and joint replacements; pregnancy and birth; Hospital psychiatric services; and more.

Source: Medibank website February 2021 (Estimates for Singles Cover, no dependents, in NSW)

Medibank Extras

Private Extras cover ensures that you are afforded support for everyday non-hospital treatments from dental treatment to physiotherapy. Medibank has a range of options available to suit both your needs and pocket.

Healthy Start Extras

Get flexible Extras with this plan which is ideally suited to the young and healthy.

  • Cost: from $25.95 monthly
  • Benefits: ambulance services; general and major dental; optical; remedial massage; physio; chiro and osteopathy; natural therapies; dietetics; mental health support; and prescription pharmaceuticals.

Essential Extras

This affordable Extras option gives you access to common services for general health and wellbeing.

  • Cost: from $39.00 monthly
  • Benefits: ambulance services; general dental; optical; remedial massage; physio; chiro and osteopathy; and natural therapies.

Growing Family Extras Only

The needs of the family are met with this Extras-only cover with the added benefit of pregnancy support.

  • Cost: from $48.90 monthly
  • Benefits: ambulance services; general and major dental; orthodontics; optical; remedial massage; physio; chiro and osteopathy; podiatry; natural therapies; dietetics; mental health support; speech therapy; and more.

Top Extras

Medibank’s highest level of private Extras cover offers benefits for a comprehensive range of healthcare treatments and services.

  • Cost: from $53.70 monthly
  • Benefits: ambulance services; general and major dental; orthodontics; optical; remedial massage; physio; chiro and osteopathy; podiatry; natural therapies; dietetics; mental health support; speech therapy; occupational therapy’ eye therapy; and more.

Source: Medibank website February 2021 (Estimates for Singles Cover, no dependents, in NSW)

Medibank waiting periods for treatment and services

Take note: the 12-month pre-existing condition waiting period does not apply to hospital or hospital substitute treatment for psychiatric treatment, rehabilitation treatment or palliative care.

Medibank Members’ choice

Members who are insured with Medibank are typically able to get a wider range of services and better value when they visit hospitals who have entered an arrangement with this company. Currently, they are part of one of the largest networks of health providers in Australia.

The insurer has an agreement with several providers including dentists to physiotherapists, Members’ Choice hospitals and GapCover specialists. Generally, you’ll be able to find a detailed list of providers on the Medibank website.

Frequently asked questions and answers

  • When did Medibank private start?

    Medibank was launched in 1976 by the Australian Government. The health insurer has been in operation serving Australian customers for more than 40 years.
  • Does Medibank private cover ambulance?

    Yes, all Medibank private Hospital and Extras policies offer coverage for ambulance services. There are, however, instances when benefits are not payable. For example, when your state or territory covers ambulance services or when you are transported from one public hospital to another.
  • Does Medicare cover ambulance?

    Medibank offers Unlimited Emergency Ambulance cover irrespective of the Hospital or Extras plan you’re on. Exceptions occur when your state or territory covers ambulance services. Furthermore, Medibank offers stand-alone Ambulance cover to members living in states and territories that do not provide full ambulance services.
  • How to get a Medibank card?

    Medibank has gone digital. The Medibank OSCH App turns your smartphone into a digital membership card with all your cover details. Alternately, activate your membership or register for Online Member Services on the Medibank OSCH website.
  • How to cancel Medibank private membership?

    The Medibank team of experts are on hand to discuss your situation and possible resolutions. If, after careful consideration, you’ve made your decision, cancelling your Medibank membership is seamless. Simply call to action your cancellation request.

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