Kogan Health Insurance and Their Low-Priced Products Reviewed

Published: February 28, 2018

A Kogan insurance review to determine if their health fund provides value for money.

Kogan Australia Pty Ltd has combined forces with Medibank’s wholly owned subsidiary Australian Health Management (ahm) and officially launched Kogan Health in February 2018.

Kogan insurance policies are underwritten by ahm so that customers will benefit from Medibank’s trusted reputation and ahm will have the advantage of getting access to Kogan.com’s over 8 million active members.

Selling insurance via their e-commerce model enables Kogan.com to provide Australians with convenient, cost-effective policy options.

However, even though the allure of a cheap health fund will attract many new customers, it remains to be seen if this will be our answer to getting premium health insurance coverage on a budget.

ComparingExpert does not currently have access to this provider. Visit www.koganhealth.com.au to request a quote and compare their price and benefits to the Australian private health insurance companies we have access to.

Kogan health insurance products reviewed

Currently, there are two Kogan health insurance packages to choose from. The very affordable Hospital & Extras Flexi packages and the slightly more expensive, but still very reasonably priced, Hospital & Extras Packages.

The only real difference between the two packages seems to be the price and yearly limit.

Hospital & Extras packages

Below information has been gathered directly from the koganhealth.com.au website and product documentation and is based on the Single cover for a person living in NSW. Please note; the below prices do not reflect Medibank’s premium increase of 3.88% coming April 2018.

With Kogan’s health insurance options you can get up to $200 off for couples and families, and up to $100 for singles and single parents.

Kogan Entry Flexi vs Kogan Starter

With both Entry Flexi and Starter packages, you can only claim benefits toward treatments required as a result of an accident.

  • Premiums start at $18.10 per week.
  • The same Extras and Hospital coverage for both packages are available, including routine and complex dental, with partial coverage for rehabilitation, palliative care and psych services.
  • 1 Ambulance service per single policy and 2 per couple per financial year.

The difference is your yearly limit.

Entry Flexi provides you with a yearly limit of $500, while Kogan Starter gives you $600 each financial year.

Kogan Flexi packages also offers loyalty rewards – increasing your limit each full financial year, capped at year 5.

Kogan Lite Flexi vs Kogan Lite

Only a minimum number of procedures are covered by these two packages, including accidents, all joint investigations and reconstructions, removal of appendix and tonsils, as well as partial coverage for psychiatric services, rehabilitation and palliative care.

  • Flexi Lite premiums begin at $21.35 per week and provide you with a $700 yearly limit and a $200 optical extra limit.
  • The Lite package starts at $23.10 per week with a yearly limit of $800 and an extra optical limit of $200.

Boost Flexi vs Boost

With Kogan Boost you can claim for thousands of procedures in a private and public hospital, for example, hospital fees for in-hospital services, theatre fees and hospital accommodation in a private or shared room and a list of Extras.

Additional Extras offered includes:

  • Dietician and nutritionist.
  • Quit smoking programs.
  • Stress management courses.
  • Exercises classes.
  • Swimming lessons for kids aged 0 to 17.
  • Prenatal and postnatal birthing courses.

Both Boost and Flexi Boost provides unlimited cover for medically necessary ambulance trips to the nearest hospital.

With Boost Flexi, you pay $25.60 a week for an $800 flexi limit to use on one or all over your included extras each financial year; with Boost, you get a $900 limit for $26.65.

Classic Flexi vs Classic

Both Classic options include heart-related procedures such as angiograms and stents, or open heart and bypass surgery. Both exclude cover for major eye surgery, renal dialysis, spinal fusion and weight loss surgery.

  • Classic Flexi: $900 flexi limit with $250 extra optical limit at $31.45
  • Classic: $1000 flexi limit with $250 extra optical limit at $33.20

Kogan Deluxe Flexi vs Kogan Deluxe

As with most deluxe products, Kogan Health Deluxe comes with all the Extra benefits, including major eye surgery, gynaecological procedures, cancer therapies, colonoscopies, podiatry and orthotics.

Again, the only real difference between the Deluxe Flexi and Deluxe is the yearly limit amount and weekly premium. While both offer an optical extra of $300, the Flexi option starts at $39.40 per week and provides an $1,100 yearly limit, while the Deluxe gives you a $1,200 yearly limit at $41.10 per week.

All Kogan health funds adhere to:

  • A hospital excess of $500, which you agree to pay upfront for your hospital stay or day surgery.
  • One day waiting period for hospital treatments and ambulance service due to an accident that occurred after joining.
  • 2 Month waiting period for all other hospital treatments, excluding those that existed before joining.
  • Waiting two months before you can claim rehabilitation, psychiatric services and palliative care.
  • Standard 12 month waiting period for all pre-existing conditions, speech processor and insulin pump replacement.
  • Not providing cover for services received or products bought overseas.

Frequently asked questions about Kogan Health Insurance

Is Kogan Health a health insurer?

No. Kogan.com Ltd is an online retail company offering in-demand products and services like electronics, appliances, value-based mobile offerings and internet plans. All products available through Kogan Health are issued by ahm, a registered private health insurer.

Kogan uses a commission model, is a reseller and customer acquisition channel for other service providers, such as Medibank Private, the provider behind Kohan health insurance offerings.

They also offer other affordable insurance products, including travel insurance, home, and car insurance. You can also expect Kogan Life Insurance to launch in the next couple of months.

How can I join Kogan Health?

You merely need to provide your Medicare Card and payment details to Koganhealth.com.au, and if you want to switch from your current health insurer, you also need to give the name of your insurer, and they'll take care of the rest.

You will receive a member card with your number, which you need to use when visiting Extras providers or when arranging an admission to hospital.

How do I pay my premiums?

You can pay your premiums via direct debit, BPay, Visa or Mastercard, online and even over the phone and mail.

Can an existing ahm health insurance member join?

No, existing ahm members are not eligible to join through Kogan Health online or receive exclusive offers. 

When can I start claiming on Kogan Insurance?

As soon as you have served your policy waiting periods, you can start claiming health benefits. Please check your Kogan product guide to see what waiting periods apply to which benefit.

Who owns Kogan?

Australian entrepreneur, Ruslan Kogan, founded Kogan.com in 2006 where it has gone from garage to multinational business.

Where is Kogan Australia located?

Kogan.com is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

Is Kogan Health a good brand?

Whether Kogan health is a good brand remains to be seen, as it was only recently launched in February 2018. However, the best health insurance company for you is the one offering the benefits and features best suited to your requirements and budget.

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