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HBF Health Insurance: Tailored Coverage for Australians

HBF is a standout choice in Australia’s health insurance landscape. Renowned for its member-first approach and comprehensive coverage, HBF has built a reputation for reliability and quality service. Their extensive range of health insurance options ensures a plan suitable for everyone, from singles and families to seniors.
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Updated: 12 June 2024

Experience the standout benefits of HBF with its unique wellness programs and exclusive member services. HBF’s health coverage offers tailored options, excellent customer service, and great value. Discover why HBF could be the perfect fit for your health insurance requirements and how it can enhance your well-being.

Key facts

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The HBF Journey

Founded in 1941, HBF has grown significantly over the decades, adapting to the evolving healthcare needs of Australians. From its humble beginnings in Western Australia, HBF has expanded its reach, serving over a million members nationwide. This growth reflects HBF’s unwavering commitment to member well-being and its ability to provide reliable, comprehensive health coverage.

At the heart of HBF are core values centred around providing quality healthcare access to Australians. HBF prioritises transparency, member satisfaction, and community support. By focusing on these values, HBF ensures its members receive the best care and service, reinforcing its reputation as a dependable health insurance provider.

Network and

HBF’s extensive network includes affiliated hospitals and medical professionals, ensuring comprehensive care. With a wide range of healthcare providers across Australia, HBF members have easy access to the necessary medical services. 

Whether you’re looking for a specialist, a general practitioner, or a hospital, HBF’s network ensures that you can find a provider conveniently located near you. This accessibility is a key benefit, making it easier for members to receive timely and efficient healthcare.

Diverse Health Insurance Plans

Hospital Cover

HBF offers a range of hospital cover options to meet different needs. These plans include key benefits such as:

Extras Cover

HBF’s extras cover includes services that support everyday health and wellness. Key features include:

Exclusive Member Benefits

HBF is committed to appreciating and recognising the loyalty of its long-term members through an extensive rewards system. These benefits enhance the value of the health insurance plans and promote overall well-being and satisfaction among members. Here are some of the exclusive benefits available to HBF members:

Digital Health Solutions

HBF leverages technology to provide convenient digital health solutions for its members. Telehealth services offer the flexibility of consulting with healthcare professionals from home, making healthcare more accessible and efficient. 

Online claims processing simplifies the administrative side of health insurance, allowing members to submit and track claims easily through a user-friendly interface. The HBF health app also provides a comprehensive platform for managing health on the go, offering features like appointment scheduling, health tracking, and personalised health tips. These digital tools ensure members can manage their health needs seamlessly and conveniently.

Wellness and Preventative Programs

HBF promotes proactive health and well-being through various wellness and preventative programs. These programs include access to fitness resources such as discounted gym memberships, exercise classes, and personalised fitness plans to help members stay active and healthy. 

HBF also provides health education resources covering topics like nutrition, mental health, and chronic disease management. These resources aim to empower members with the knowledge and tools to make informed health decisions and maintain a healthy lifestyle. HBF helps members achieve long-term health and well-being by focusing on prevention and wellness.

Understanding Premiums and Coverage

Calculating Premiums

HBF premiums are calculated based on several factors, including age, health status, and the level of coverage chosen. Other considerations like lifestyle, smoking status, and geographical location can also influence costs. Understanding these factors can help members anticipate their premium expenses and make informed decisions.

Selecting Appropriate Coverage Levels

When selecting a health insurance plan, assessing your health needs and financial situation is essential. Here are some tips to help you choose the right coverage:

Government Incentives

To make HBF policies more accessible, the Australian government offers several incentives:

These incentives make HBF health insurance policies more affordable and encourage Australians to maintain private health coverage.

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