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The Best Health Insurance for Couples

Understanding health insurance options for couples in Australia can be challenging, with many nuances to consider. Opting for a combined policy can offer benefits over managing separate ones. It’s crucial to be well-informed about specifics like Hospital and Extras policies and ambulance cover across different states. Take your time navigating health insurance.
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Updated: 28 May 2024

If you’re currently researching or comparing various insurance options, this guide will provide you with a detailed overview of couples health insurance. Our goal is to explore the benefits, coverage expectations, and provide expert insights to help you make the best decision for your future together.

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Understanding couples cover

Joint health insurance for couples can be a convenient and cost-effective option, but it’s important to weigh the costs and benefits of separate policies as well. Make sure to carefully compare your options to ensure both you and your partner’s health needs are met.

Benefits of couples health insurance

Types of Couples
Health Insurance

Choosing the right health insurance is crucial for couples, as it ensures both partners receive the care they need while potentially offering cost savings. To make an informed decision, it’s essential to understand the different types of couples health insurance available:

Hospital Cover

Hospital Cover is divided into different tiers: Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and ‘Plus’. Each tier is designed to meet various health needs with varying levels of coverage. Hospital Cover offers the benefit of private treatment for couples in either a private or public hospital. This allows them to avoid long public waiting lists and choose their preferred doctors for greater flexibility.

However, being aware of any waiting periods associated with certain treatments is crucial. Additionally, understanding the specific treatments and services covered by the policy and any exclusions can prevent surprises.

Extras Cover

Although Medicare offers basic health coverage, medical services are still not covered. This is where Extras Cover becomes important. It offers insurance for necessary out-of-hospital services such as dental treatments, optical care, physiotherapy, and chiropractic treatments. Similar to Hospital Cover, there may be waiting periods for certain services under Extras Cover before they can be claimed. Becoming acquainted with the specific services covered and any possible exclusions is also crucial.

Combined Policy

A combined policy would be your best option if you want an all-encompassing health insurance solution. It merges the benefits of Hospital Cover and Extras Cover, providing couples with comprehensive coverage for various medical needs.

Compare couples health insurance policies

Income Protection Plus
Income Protection Cover
Accident Only Cover
Most comprehensive income protection option.
Protection for anyone.
Basic income protection only covering accidental injuries.
6 times your monthly benefit should you die or become terminally ill.
3 times monthly benefit if you die or become terminally ill.
3 times monthly benefit if you die or become terminally ill.
Childcare fees are reimbursed if you’re totally disabled and require childcare assistance.
You can add the Childcare Reimbursement benefit for an additional fee.
Not available.
If you become involuntarily unemployed your premiums are waived for up to 6 months.
You can add the Unemployment benefit for an additional cost.
Not available.

Source: (August 2023; Premium estimates for two individuals living in NSW)

Singles vs couples Health Insurance

When selecting health insurance, your relationship status plays a pivotal role in determining your premiums and potential rebates. It’s essential to accurately define your status, especially in situations where the lines might blur, such as when one partner works overseas for extended durations.

Definition of a Couple:
  • Legally married.
  • In a de facto relationship, irrespective of gender.
  • In a registered relationship, regardless of gender. Note: This is applicable only in NSW, ACT, QLD, Tasmania, and Victoria where relationships can be officially registered under civil partnership schemes.
Definition of Single:
  • Living independently.
  • Living apart from your partner either permanently or for an indefinite period.
  • Experiencing a relationship breakdown or estrangement.
  • Residing in the same residence as your partner but can provide evidence of separation.

Best health insurance for couples

Choosing the right health insurance for couples is crucial. Compare plans from various providers and consider coverage options, premiums, and out-of-pocket costsRead customer reviews and ask for recommendations to determine the quality of service. The best policy varies, so choose one that fits your unique circumstances and priorities.