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Compare and Review Extras Cover in 2023

Megan Fraser Fact Checked Updated: 20 November 2023
Types of Health Insurance

Extras cover helps you pay for any medical treatment that does not fall under Hospital cover. There are many different plans available, but they all have their pros and cons, so it’s important that you do your research before choosing one. The decision to purchase Extra’s only cover is not one that should be taken lightly. It would be best to consider many factors before buying, such as which plan may include covered services and costs involved with waiting periods.

Extras health cover is an important investment for your future. This article will help you understand Extras private health cover and how to choose the right plan, with information on what each policy offers as well costs so that it’s clear whether this type of coverage really could be worth getting in addition to normal hospital care or not.

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What is Extras cover?

The idea of extras cover, also known as ancillary services or general treatment, is to help pay for the cost if you ever need medical attention outside your hospital stay. This can include things like optical and dental care, which are meant to prevent diseases from progressing worse than they already have.

A health insurance Extras only policy will reduce out-of-pocket expenses during these times by providing some coverage with no upfront fee. Some private health insurers offer these policies alone. Still, sometimes people get them combined into their Hospital plans so that all aspects related to illness prevention come together in one place.

Who needs Extras cover?

The best way to find the perfect health insurance plan for you and your family is by taking time. Start with an idea of what type, age or gender may need certain types of coverage before diving into finding policies that fit all those requirements, as well as possible options available within each category at affordable prices from various providers. 

extras cover

One of the best ways to make sure you’re covered for anything is buying Extras health cover. An Extras health insurance plan will help pay costs associated with treatments not Medicare-covered, like physiotherapy and dental work. However, every person has different needs. It’s important that before purchasing this type of policy, you speak directly with your healthcare provider about what would be the right fit in terms of price range and how often they need coverage.

Extras health insurance and what it covers

With the right coverage, you can avoid expensive surprises in the future. There are generally three types of policies: basic, mid, and top. The basic tier only covers general services and treatments, such as a dental check-up. A medium-level policy covers you for more practical services, such as orthodontics and chiropractic services. A higher level policy will typically offer more comprehensive dental cover and annual appointments with a dentist or optometrist. Finally, a top-tiered policy will cover you for almost all out-of-hospital treatments and services.

Basic Extras policies

The most budget-friendly option, with a limited number of extras. It usually includes general dental and chiropractic care and physiotherapy or optometry services that come at an annual limit lower than what is offered in Medium coverage packages from insurers. The least expensive type if available but does not include everything you might need, such as major medicals visits, which can be costly, so make sure all your needs before choosing anything

Average cost – $30.00

Common inclusions:

Mid health insurance Extras

If you want to cover the full range of services your family might need, consider a Mid level medical insurance plan. These types provide increased limits for a broader variety of things like dental work or podiatry appointments–in addition to what’s covered under basic healthcare coverage.

Average cost – $70.00

Common inclusions: All of the Basics Extras coverage and the below

Top Extras only health insurance

These plans provide the most comprehensive coverage. With everything from orthodontics and hearing aids to blood glucose monitors, they’re perfect for anyone who wants complete peace of mind when it comes time to spend money on their health care needs.

Average cost – $110.00

Common inclusions: All of the mid Extras coverage and the below

Compare Extras only health insurance

The below prices are taken from certain policy levels and may change due to your health needs, the health and wellbeing of your family and dependents, and your budget. Please note that these are the average cost of the different tiered policies.

Health ProviderBasicMidTop
Australian Unity$38.55$59.80$102.25
Teachers health$51.49N/A$82.59
Defence Health$30.38$70.29$117.13

Source: Private (February 2022; Premium estimates for a single individual living in NSW)

How to find the best Extras health cover

When finding the best Extras cover for you and your family, there are many aspects to consider. It’s important to note your age, as the younger you are, the less likely you’ll need a top-tiered policy. However, those over the age of 65 may need a top tier policy as they will require more services.

It’s just as important to consider your lifestyle and health, including any family problems that may have been passed down to you. If you are purchasing an Extras cover for both you and your family, you may want a more extensive policy to ensure your family’s health is taken care of. Finally, you must work out your budget as the different policy levels differ in price.

Common waiting periods for Extras cover

It is important to understand the waiting periods before benefits can be claimed when shopping for health insurance. The general rule of thumb with pre-existing conditions and other additives on your plan that may come up in emergency situations like hospitalisations or surgeries; generally last 12 months (or more) without interrupting care during this time period. Make sure you know what kind of coverage will work best depending on where treatment needs arise.

Below are the most common waiting periods:

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Frequently Asked Questions and answers

  • Can I just have extras cover?

    Yes, you can purchase an Extras only cover. With all the different extras that cover can offer, it’s important to find one or two things you need every year. If your budget allows for these necessities, then consider getting them through this means as well. If you have Extras cover, it can save money in the long run. You might need one or two dental check-ups per year and glasses, for example, which will help with your budgeting.
  • What is the best dental extras cover?

    This depends entirely on what type of dental cover you need. A basic Extras policy will do the trick if you are looking for general dental treatments such as check-ups and teeth cleaning. However, suppose you are looking for more extensive coverage and more complicated dental treatments. In that case, it may be best to go for a top Extras cover. When it comes to choosing a health insurer, be sure to review and compare numerous companies, their policies, and their rates before making your final choice.
  • How to claim Extras?

    There are many ways you can claim back from your Extras coverage. The process of claiming your health insurance card is easy and simple. You can either swipe it at an electronic terminal or HICAP’s, log into the website with ease using a computer browser, if you have access to one, then complete all necessary fields on paper before mailing in copies along with receipts. Finally, you can visit a branch of your health insurer in person.
  • Is private health cover extras worth it?

    General medical cover is a great way to protect yourself from high premiums and out-of-date policies, but it may not be worth the cost if your needs won’t change. However, when you’re starting or growing family members who will require coverage soon after birth (or retirement age), investing in quality general treatment can save lots of money over time. It’s important to analyse your health and wellbeing, as well as your lifestyle, to ensure you choose the policy best suited for your needs.
  • Which health insurance has the best extras?

    This depends entirely on what type of treatments and services you think you will be needing overtime. If you are young, you may consider purchasing a basic policy that will cover you for general dental services. However, if you have a large family who varies in age and health, you may want to purchase a mid or top-level policy to ensure all out-of-hospital needs are taken care of. Remember to review and compare policies and prices before making your final choice.
  • When would my insurer not payout for an extras claim?

    Private health insurance does not offer cover for out-of-hospital medical services, including GP visits, consultations with specialists in their rooms, diagnostic imaging and tests. Medicare covers these items, but private funds may be required to pay at a Manila Doctors Service fee which is an additional expense on top of what you’re already paying towards your policy through premiums or membership fees if it’s self-funded. Private healthcare providers are limited by law when providing treatment options, so make sure they meet all requirements before using credit cards/funds, advance payments etc.

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  • Reduce out-of-pocket expenses
  • Keep your family healthy
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