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Australian Unity Health Insurance: Comprehensive Review and Guide

Megan Fraser Fact Checked Updated: 21 November 2023
Types of Health Insurance

Australian Unity is one of the oldest companies in Australia. With over 180 years of experience and an interesting track record, Australian Unity has assisted the Australian community in striving towards a healthier life. The company states that it aims to ensure the well-being of its members, not just through health but also through products and services that aim to increase a member’s quality of life.

This guide will explore the vast history of Australian Unity, how it came to be, its policies, the pros and cons of partnering with Australian Unity Health Insurance, and the general pricing that a potential member can expect. We will explore all the relevant information you need to know to ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to make an informed decision on your future health insurance policy.

Key facts

  • Australian Unity was established in 1840 and now assists over 300,000 Australians nationwide.
  • Australian Unity offers one of the widest collections of combined policies, which provides applicants with several choices.
  • Members cannot select specific extras but instead need to choose from a list of predesigned extras packages.

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Background of Australian Unity

Australian Unity was originally established in 1840. It started in a small pub in Melbourne where 8 members decided to create a friendly society that would ensure the health and wellbeing of every member was taken care of. It was the first member-owned wellbeing company and grew over the decades. Fast forward to 2023, and Australian Unity is now a proud Australian Company that provides services to over 300,000 members nationwide.

Australian Unity states that it aims to better not only the physical well-being of its members but also their entire lifestyle. The company is structured as a not-for-profit fund and uses its funding to invest in products and services that will improve the lives of its members. Australian Unity has also partnered with Deakin University for the last 23 years to assist in creating the Australian Unity Wellbeing Index, which tracks and monitors how satisfied people across Australia are with their lives.

Types of Health Insurance Policies

Australian Unity provides its members with a wide range of policies. These policies are designed to suit its members’ many different personal requirements. These policies have been created to suit the personal requirements of singles, couples, families, and single parents. The type of coverage that one may receive and the monthly cost associated with the policy will vary based on the choice and the policy tier.

To ensure that there are plans suited to each of its members’ many requirements, Australian Unity offers many more policies than some of its competitors. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage because while there are more options to choose from, it can become quite overwhelming to choose from so many different options. Australian Unity offers three main policy sections: Hospital, Extras and combined cover. Let’s explore each of these policy types and the types of coverage that a member could expect.

Hospital Cover

Australian Unity offers its members 8 different hospital policies. Each policy’s coverage will vary based on the selected tier. The cost of the policy will also increase based on the tier selection. Australian Unity’s cheapest hospital policy is the Simple Hospital (Basic Plus) policy, which grants members basic coverage for accidents. This policy is well suited to young and healthy singles and couples.

The most expensive policy Australian Unity offers is the Complete Hospital (Gold) policy, which provides members with comprehensive cover for a wide range of services. This policy includes Emergency Ambulance coverage and preventative health and health support programmes.

Extras Cover

Extras cover is a fantastic way to receive coverage for out-of-hospital services that one may need. These types of services could include things such as:

Australian Unity offers its members 4 different Extras policies. The downside to this is that members do not have the opportunity to select the specific extras that they want. This means that if a member requires an extra that is part of a higher tier Extras policy, that would have to be the policy they choose.

The cheapest policy Australian Unity offers is the Base Extras Australian Unity Policy, which provides basic coverage of general dental, optical, physiotherapy, and a few more services.

The most expensive Extras policy that Australian Unity offers is the Prime Extras policy, which grants members coverage on various services. The Australian Unity Prime Extras policy is designed to be a comprehensive Extras policy.

Members will only receive access to the no-gap dental network if they choose the Mid Extras Policy and higher. This is the second cheapest policy offered but still grants the member access to the no-gap dental network offered by Australian Unity.

Combined Cover

Australian Unity Combined Cover offers Hospital and Extras policies to members who wish to receive coverage for both. They offer a whopping 32 combined policies to choose from. This makes Australian Unity one of the most diverse insurers regarding combined policies offered. Each policy is different from the other and, as such, has different levels of coverage and different costs.

As mentioned before, Australian Unity aims to ensure that it meets the many different lifestyles of its members, which is most notable in the number of policies it offers. When choosing the right policy for you, identifying your personal health and financial needs is crucial in pinpointing the policies that may meet these needs.

Pros and Cons

Every health insurer and policy has its own pros and cons. This is also the case with Australian Unity Health Insurance. Let’s have a look at some of these pros and cons.

Advantages of Australian Unity Health Insurance:

Disadvantages of Australian Unity Health Insurance:

Cost Comparison

As we have previously discussed, Australian Unity meets market expectations when it comes to competitive pricing of policies. Due to the vast number of policies offered by Australian Unity, these prices may be easier to select for members and offer potential members many different choices in coverage types and involved costs.

Which Australian Unity policy is right for you?

Compare Hospital and Extras from Australian Unity

Hospital CoverHospital PremiumExtras CoverExtras Premium
Simple Hospital (Basic Plus)$109.40 – $118.75Base Extras (BAE)$38.55
Core Hospital (Bronze Plus)$123.70 – $133.70Mid Extras (MIE)$59.80
Standard Hospital (Bronze Plus)$137.60 – $147.35xx
Midpoint Hospital (Silver Plus)$162.05 – $170.30xx
Intermediate Hospital (Silver Plus)$176.35 – $186.75Active Extras (ACE)$81.05
Classic Hospital (Silver Plus)$226.00xx
Value Hospital (Silver Plus)$200.85 – $216.90xx
Complete Hospital (Gold)$294.25Prime Extras (PRE)$102.25

Source: (November 2023; Premium estimates for a single individual living in NSW)

Joining Australian Unity

To apply for Australian Unity Health Insurance, a potential member should first identify the policy they wish to take out. All the information on the relevant policies can be found through their website, brochures, and comparing websites. Making the right decision on which policy to choose is essential.

Once a decision has been made, the applicant can apply by speaking to the dedicated support team that is always ready to assist, by filling out an application form or by phoning Australian Unity directly between 8:30 AM and 8:00 PM from Monday to Friday.

Family Policy Details

Australian Unity’s Family Policy allows child dependants to remain on the family policy until age 31 so long as the dependant is not married or in a de-facto relationship. The type of family policy required will also be based on whether or not the dependant is between 23-31 and a full-time student.

How to Make a Claim

Much like their policies, Australian Unity also allows members to submit a claim in several different ways. There are 5 main ways in which a member can submit a claim:

Common Mistakes to Avoid

When choosing a Private Health Insurance, it can be quite intimidating to process all the information and options that are available out there. Here are some common mistakes you can avoid and some useful tips for selecting the right policy and health insurance provider.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Why choose Australian Unity for health insurance?

    Most members choose to partner with Australian Unity because of the company’s drive to ensure the well-being of its members. The company also provides potential members with a wide variety of choices to ensure that the many different lifestyles of its members are met.
  • How cost-effective are Australian Unity’s policies?

    Australian Unity offers comprehensive cover that is market competitive. While its policies may not be more or less costly than its competitors, the policies offered are tailor-made to specific lifestyles and health requirements.
  • What to know before joining Australian Unity?

    The process to sign up with Australian Unity is quick and simple. There is a dedicated support team that aims to assist any potential member through the process. There is an application form that can be filled out online, as well as an official number to call once a choice has been made on a policy.
  • What’s the duration for dependents on Australian Unity’s family policy?

    Australian Unity’s Family Policy allows child dependants to remain on the family policy until 31 so long as the dependant is not married or in a de-facto relationship. The type of family policy required will also be based on whether or not the dependant is between 23-31 and a full-time student.
  • How to select the best policy from Australian Unity?

    The best way to select a health insurance policy is to identify your personal health requirements. When these requirements are identified, choosing the policy that directly matches them becomes easier. Pay attention to your financial position, the coverage type, and any other information necessary before signing up for a policy. One must always completely understand a policy before selecting it to ensure that they are not surprised at a later date by unforeseen issues.

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