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485 Visa Health Insurance

If you are an international graduate who arrived in Australia 2 years ago and completed your studies within the last 6 months, you will need a 485 visa and corresponding health insurance if you want to extend your stay.
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Updated: 21 May 2024

The 485 Visa will provide you with full work rights and the opportunity to apply for permanent residence.

However, the Australian government wants to encourage you to take out sufficient medical cover during your extended stay. Australia’s public health system, Medicare, does not generally subsidise any medical bills for non-citizens, so you’ll need to make sure you have the right health cover in case of unexpected injuries and illnesses.

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Who needs a 485 Visa Australia?

All international graduates who’ve completed at least 2 academic years of studies in Australia, and want to remain in Australia for a period of time, need to apply for a 485 Visa. To get a Temporary Graduate visa, also called the TSR visa, you’ll also need to show proof of a valid health insurance policy.

The timing of your application is important. 485 Applications should be done in the time between completing your studies and your student visa expiring. Make sure you have the appropriate health insurance in place or your application might be declined.

Proof of your health insurance must accompany your application.

How to go from a study visa (457) to temporary graduate visa?

Going from a study visa health insurance to a graduate visa 485 health insurance is a simple process. All you really need is proof of your health insurance and that you will be covered for the duration of your stay.

Your temporary graduate visa gives you the choice between 2 work streams. The amount of time you will be allowed to extend your stay will depend on the work stream you are eligible for:

1. Graduate Work Stream
For graduates with a qualification compatible with the Skilled Occupation list. The graduate work stream allows you to live and work in Australia for up to 18 months.
2. Post-study Work Stream
For graduates with a higher education degree, honours or master’s for example. Depending on your qualification this stream will allow you to live & work in Australia for up to 4 years.

A checklist for 485 visa health insurance requirements

The list of requirements you have to meet before receiving health insurance for visa 485 might seem daunting. However, you’ll find that you probably already have most of these checked off.

485 Visa health insurance comparison

Generally, al health insurance providers will expect you to meet certain health requirements and might request a medical examination. Your results will be valid for 12 months.

Each health fund below complies 100% with the Australian Government and a visa letter will be sent to you once you apply.

Be careful not to choose a health fund solely based on the premium price. The cheapest policy isn’t necessarily the best one.

How to choose the right health fund that also offers the cheapest health insurance for 485 visa?

Before choosing a health fund, you should first consider your health care needs:

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For the purpose of your visa application and your health requirements check the health fund for:

Health insurance for visa 485 not only gives you the opportunity to start your career in Australia, but it also provides you with confidence that your health will be properly taken care of. Visit or a health fund that provides Visa 485 health insurance.



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