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2021 Beginners Guide to Solar Rebate SA

Solar at home
Georgia Carter Updated: 01 July 2022
We may be paid when readers visit links, purchase products or services from partners.

Solar power is taking over as the latest and best way to produce energy. With the high prices of energy in South Australia, it’s no surprise that more people are going solar. While installing solar power can be expensive, there are south Australian solar rebates on offer for those who are eligible. The solar panel rebates in SA help pay off the hefty costs of solar power, making generating electricity from this renewable source accessible and easy. 

The best time for installing these systems is when you’re moving into your new home or apartment because electricity providers offer feed-in tariffs, which give bonuses for generating your power with renewable sources. This article outlines the SA Government solar rebates, the costs of solar power, and how to receive a solar rebate in Adelaide.

Key facts

  • There are three main types of solar rebates in South Australia, including feed-in tariffs and home battery schemes.
  • The average cost of a solar system in SA is between $3,000 and $9,000, depending on the size of the system itself.
  • Rebates are available in 2021 and 2022 and owners of solar systems can apply on a monthly basis.
  • Solar power is entirely worth it in South Australia as energy prices are higher than in any other region and there is an abundance of sunlight. Solar government rebates help lower the costs of solar systems.
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Which rebates can you get in SA?

From July 1sSolar power system owners can apply for three main kinds of rebates in Southern Australia. The solar rebate in Southern Australia is easier than you think. All that needs to be done for the most part, other than installing your system and making sure it works, is having providers factor in this incentive as a point-of-sale discount when purchasing panels from reputable retailers. In addition to utilising an official recognised provider, below are the three rebates offered by the government:

Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme:

The SRES does away with incentives for solar power by instead rewarding Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC) based on an installed system’s expected generation between 2021 and 2030. The Clean Energy Council offers a variety of incentives to help you install your solar panels. Incentives include cash rebates, reduced rates for energy storage systems and more.

images 1

Home Battery Rebate:

In addition to the federal government solar rebate, you can also receive a rebate on battery storage through South Australia’s Home Battery Scheme. You’ll get up to $300 per kWh for installing your power in terms of batteries, and there are no limits.

Solar Feed-In Tariffs:

The Business Energy and Water Program provides rebates up to $5,000 for more efficient products. Small-to-medium bIt’s important to note that you will receive a financial incentive for every kilowatt-hour of electricity exported back into the grid. The South Australian feed-in tariffs are set by your retailer and typically range between 9-16c per KWh, but it may be worth checking out markets with higher rates if possible. You can also use solar panels on houses or businesses as they produce clean energy which we need rather than rely solely upon fossil fuels like coal-fired power plants do.

How much does a solar power system cost in South Australia

A new solar system can be an affordable and sustainable energy solution for those living in South Australia. The cost of installation for residential homes varies depending on the size or power output desired. However, it should typically fall between $3,000 for smaller systems, up until 10kW systems, where prices may reach upwards of $9,000. It’s important to note that the cost of solar systems in South Australia depends on your provider, the size of the system, and the rebate you may receive.

Average costs of a solar power system SA

Below is an estimate of the total cost of a solar system, the rebate and rebate cost available, and an estimate of the total cost after the rebate has been applied..

3kWSolar panel typeTotal costSolar panel rebateFinal cost
6.6 kW$5,100$3,940$1,160

Source: Go Solar, 2021

Pros and cons of installing solar in South Australia

Solar power is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint without spending too much money. By going solar, you could save hundreds of dollars every year and likely recover the cost in less time than it takes for an electrician to install panels. However, only homes with ample sunny spots receive high amounts throughout most days and reap the rewards of solar power and the SA government rebates. If you lack a vast amount of sunlight, the heft costs may not be worth it. 

The cost of electricity in South Australia is among the highest across all states and territories, so it makes sense that people would be looking for ways to reduce their dependence on grid power. With solar panels, you can save hundreds every year by not having your home rely solely upon peak price hours, which means high demand but little sun available. There are numerous rebates that citizens can apply for to help cut the costs.

Frequently asked questions and answers

  • Does South Australia have solar rebates?

    Residents can get a solar panel system today without spending too much. The average rebate on Solar in South Australia is $3,000, and it varies depending on the size of your home’s energy needs. Larger homes have lower costs than smaller ones because they require more electricity each day so you save money over time by going green. There are three types of solar rebates on offer: Home Battery Scheme, Feed-in Tariffs, and Small-scale Certification.
  • Will there be a solar rebate in 2021?

    Yes, solar panel rebates in SA are available in 2021. These rebates include a home battery scheme, which helps pay for a battery system attached to your solar power system. Feed-in tariffs are available too. This rebate pays solar power system owners money on every unit of energy fed back into the grid. Finally, the small-scale scheme helps pay off solar systems when the owner uses recognised providers.
  • Who has the best solar feed-in tariff SA?

    Origin Energy is the only company in SA to offer solar-specific deals tailored for households with panels. They also have one of the highest feed-in tariffs available, making them a popular choice among consumers looking into going green. However, it’s important to review and compare numerous providers and their prices to find the best one that suits your household requirements and energy generation.
  • Is solar worth it in Adelaide?

    If you’re in the South Australian’s finding that solar power makes sense, then there is no better time than now to get going. Solar can help reduce your dependence on grid-based electricity, which will save hundreds of dollars every year and likely pay off long term even if it costs more at first. With various government rebates in South Australia on offer, solar systems are becoming more accessible and affordable than ever.
  • Do I get a solar rebate in Adelaide?

    The requirements are that you must be an Adelaide resident to have a place to install your system (a house or apartment) and meet some other criteria such as not being currently receiving any subsidies from other governments’ schemes. A CEC installer must approve you to receive small-scale certification rebates. To receive feed-in tariffs, you must be generating more energy than your household requires and feed the excess back into the grid.

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