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The 5 Top Front Loading Washing Machines in 2021

The 5 Top Front Loading Washing Machines in 2021
Lucille McNamara Updated: 17 September 2021
We may be paid when readers visit links, purchase products or services from partners.

People opt for front loading washing machines when compared to top loaders for several reasons. Top loaders are less efficient, using substantially more water and energy, making them costlier in the long run. Apart from the fact that top loaders are often a lot noisier, they also twist clothing during the wash cycle, leaving the fabric creased.

We have spent many hours researching front end loaders and have arrived at five of the top-rated washing machines for 2021. Our selection covers all the significant information you need to arrive at a buying decision, whether you are a singleton or from a large family. Our choices also cover the gambit of price tags, from budget-friendly to the top-end market.

How We Arrived at our Top Picks

We researched 59 products and examined 20 brands before arriving at our five chosen products. Our team poured over hundreds of online reviews to see which products gave customers the best results and then carefully read hundreds of online reviews by customers who have bought and tried these products.

Learn more about our methodology

Our top 5 front end loading washing machines

Ideal for larger families

Spacious load capacity for families with lots of laundry:

For small families & singletons

Compact yet highly efficient for small to medium loads:

Bosch 10kg Front Loader — Extensive Warranty


  • Quiet operation.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Reload function.
  • 10-year warranty on the motor.


  • Machine sticks on the wash cycle when fully loaded.

Price (RRP): $1,298.00

Bosch 10kg Front Loader
Source: Appliances Online

Breeze through multiple wash loads with minimal hassle using the Bosch 10kg Front Loader. Its large capacity and versatile wash programmes are driven by an EcoSilence motor, ensuring that the machine operates with minimal noise and vibration. The machine’s multiple wash programmes address specific laundry needs such as AllergyPlus and Sportswear. This machine also automatically measures load size and adjusts water intake. It features a Reload function, allowing you to pause the wash programme whenever you need to add a forgotten clothing piece.


  • 84.8cm x 59.8cm x 59cm.
  • 32cm porthole.
  • 165degree swing door for easy loading/unloading of clothes.
  • 86 litres water per wash

Customer Reviews

Most customers are impressed with the Bosch 10kg front loader, describing it as quiet with clothes washed clean after each cycle and no wash soap residue. Other customers have also expressed satisfaction with the machine’s ability to handle big loads, such as doonas. At the same time, another says her machine jams on the wash cycle if loaded to capacity.

Haier 7.5kg Washer — Number One Australia 2021 Choice


  • 16 wash cycles.
  • Speed wash option.
  • Child lock.
  • 2-year warranty.


  • The machine stops before completing a wash cycle.

Price (RRP): $548.00

Haier 7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine
Source: Betta Home Living

The Haier 7.5kg Washer has been named Australia’s 2021 Number One choice of front end loading washing machines. The machine is suitable for people living alone or for a small family. It offers 16 different wash cycles, including Delicates and Hand Wash that is great for silks and special care garments, while the Sports cycle will tackle tough stains and efficiently remove dirt. This machine also has a Speed Up wash function for fast turnaround without compromising the cleaning performance.


  • Size: 59.5cm x 84.5cm x 60cm
  • Programme cycles: 16
  • Speed Up wash cycle option.
  • 64 litres water per wash.

Customer Reviews

A singleton chose this machine not only based on price but also flexible wash options. She describes her Haier experience as affordable and an easy to use good performing front loader. Other buyers say the Haier operates quietly, washes clothing well and does not unduly crease fabrics during the wash cycle.

Kogan 9kg Inverter — Runs Optimum Loads


  • Increased stability and low vibration.
  • Low noise and energy-efficient.
  • Self-cleaning and smart-pausing modes.
  • Two-year warranty.


  • The hoses supplied with the machine are too short.

Price (RRP): $469.00

Kogan 9kg Inverter
Source: Kogan

Firstly, let’s address inverter technology. This enables a washing machine to run at optimum loads – in other words, an inverter washing machine allows the motor to function at speeds optimal for the load inside the machine. This Kogan 9 series is an efficient, clean-wash machine that features a dual-layer door to keep the heat in and a smart-pausing option to add garments mid-wash. It has two exciting safety features – child lock and anti-flooding.


  • 16 wash programmes.
  • Size: 60cm × 63.5cm × 85cm
  • Fuzzy logic control weighs the clothes to determine the ideal water level.
  • 90 litres water per wash.

Customer Reviews

Customers say that this washing machine meets all expectations. They are happy with the price tag and quality and the fact that the Kogan 9kg series runs quietly with little vibration. However, one customer expressed unhappiness with the length of the hoses, describing them as way too short. He had to employ a handyman to replace the hoses.

Fisher & Paykel WashSmart 8kg — For Clean Laundry in Under an Hour


  • Whisper-quiet operation.
  • Spin cycle leaves fabrics almost dry.
  • WashSmart 30-minute cycle.
  • 2-year warranty.


  • Filters faulty.

Price (RRP): $799.00

Fisher Paykel WashSmart 8kg
Source: Fisher & Paykel

The Fisher & Paykel WashSmart lives up to its name with a Quick Wash function for clean laundry in under an hour. The Vortex Wash helps deliver a 30-minute Quick cycle without compromising fabric care. The machine has nine different wash cycles from Heavy to Delicate. SmartDrive™ Technology is a gentle, quiet, and efficient combination of smart electronics and a direct drive motor that senses the load to deliver better fabric care. This 8kg washing machine keeps water and power usage to a minimum.


  • 85cm x 60cm x 59cm.
  • Automatic balance correction.
  • Wrinkle-free technology.
  • 67 litres water per wash.

Customer Reviews

Generally, buyers are happy with the Fisher & Paykel 8kg front loader. They are pleased with his whisper-quiet operation and the fact that clothing is almost dry when the wash cycle is completed. One unhappy buyer said that the filters don’t work properly, leaving debris in the wash drum.

Samsung 8.5kg AddWash — Add Forgotten Items During Cycle


  • Hygiene Steam Cycle.
  • Auto Load Sensor.
  • Drum-Clean function.
  • 11-year parts warranty on the Digital Inverter Motor.


  • Poor customer service.

Price (RRP): $899.00

Samsung 8.5kg AddWash
Source: Betta Home Living

The beauty of the Samsung AddWash is that you can add forgotten clothing items or fabric softener during a wash cycle.Push the pause button, open the Add Door and place your items into the machine. This is a stylish washing machine with some innovative functions that make doing the laundry that much easier. There is a 15-minute Quick Wash cycle, and you can also wash a load of laundry in under an hour with the SuperSpeed Cycle.


  • Size: 85cm x 60cm x 66cm.
  • Smart Check app is an automatic error-monitoring system detects and diagnoses problems and provides troubleshooting solutions.
  • 73 litres water per wash.

Customer Reviews

Mixed reviews on this washer, with some customers describing it as “amazing” and others complaining about poor customer service and malfunctioning – “the door indicated being closed, but the machine wouldn’t recognise this.”

What to consider before buying a washing machine

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ProductPriceWarrantyWater Consumption
Bosch 10kg$1,298.0010 years86 litres
Haier 7.5kg$548.002 years64 litres
Kogan 9kg$469.002 years90 litres
Fisher & Paykel 8kg$799.002 years67 litres
Samsung 8.5kg$899.0011 years73 litres

Source: Betta Home Living, Fisher & Paykel, Kogan (February 2021)

Our methodology

20 brands examined

59 products compared

5 products chosen

Brands Compared

To choose the best front load washing machines, we examined the following brands:

We then carefully read hundreds of online reviews given by customers who have bought and tried these products. We looked at the features of each washer to see how it performed.

We then chose the top 5 front-loading washers in terms of quality, cost, ease of use and unique features, based on our research.

Take note: We have not compared all products on the market, and we may receive compensation when you click links on our site or purchase products or services from partners. However, we value our editorial independence, and all reviews and comparisons are based on an unbiased analysis of our research.


While there is no hard-and-fast rule for not buying a top-loading washing machine, modern technology favours front loaders with more washing cycles and money-saving features. They do not crease clothes as in a top loader, and they extract more liquid from the clothing, leaving fabric almost dry to the touch, such as Fisher & Paykel’s WashSmart and the Bosch 10kg.

From an investment point of view, front loaders such as Haier and Samsung are more expensive, but their water usage and electricity consumption are well below the top loaders’ levels. They offer users long-term financial savings that are not to be sneezed at.

Frequently asked questions and answers

  • What is the best front loading washing machine brand?

    The best is often dictated by personal choice but, generally, Australians agree that Bosch, Samsung and Fisher & Paykel are among the top-rated front end loaders on the market today.
  • Where should a washing machine be placed in a kitchen?

    Ideally, if washing machines are incorporated into a kitchen, they should be placed in a compartment below the sink to be easily plumbed into the water outlet pipe.
  • Can you put a washing machine in a cupboard?

    Sometimes, a washer and a dryer are placed on top of each other inside a tall kitchen cabinet. The best place for a washing machine in a kitchen is near a sink where it is easier to connect it to water pipes.
  • Which is the best washing machine for large families?

    Mums are the best critics because they need washing machines that can handle large loads, complete quick washes and provide adequate energy ratings. Brand names that keep cropping up are Samsung and Bosch.
  • What should I know before buying a washing machine?

    There are two essential criteria you might want to consider before buying a washing machine: 1. Is it economical? How efficient is the machine when it comes to saving water and electricity? 2. Load capacity. The size of the household will dictate the kilogram capacity requirement. In other words, a 10kg machine will suit a large family, while a 7.5kg machine is ideal for singletons and small families.

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