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Compare Solar Panel Systems by Size 2022

solar sizes
Georgia Carter Updated: 01 July 2022
We may be paid when readers visit links, purchase products or services from partners.

Are you considering having a solar panel system installed on your home? If so, it’s important to consider the size of the panels and how they will affect your electricity usage. Many factors go into choosing the right size for you, but we’re here to help. We want to make sure that you have all of the information available before making such an important decision.

This article outlines the various sizes of solar power systems in Australia and which may be the best solar panels for your home. Differently sized solar panels may be better suited for certain homes than others based on their location and energy needs. That’s why we recommend comparing different sizes and doing some research before making any decisions about what type of system would work best for your house or business.

Key facts

  • There are various sized solar panel systems available, ranging from 3kW systems to as large as 15kW.
  • You need to determine the size of your roof, your budget, and energy consumption before making your final choice in solar panel systems.
  • You’ll need about 25 square feet for every 1000 watts of power generated for a solar panel system at home.
  • An average-sized solar panel system for your house is a 6.6kW system.
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What size solar panel system do I need?

The size of a solar system someone should install at their property depends on the household’s annual electricity needs, whether battery storage will be added and where restrictions exist. The most popular sizes of solar systems installed in Australia are 5kW-7 kW. These can power your household during the day and cut down on expensive electricity bills, making them a great investment for homeowners who want quick returns on their investments. The more electricity a solar system generates, the fewer households need to rely on their local grid.

Tips for choosing the right solar power system size

There are multiple factors to consider when choosing the correct solar panel system size for your home. These factors include the space of your roof, the location you wish to set your solar panel system up in, the energy requirements your household needs, and your budget.

  • Space: When deciding what size of the solar system is right for you, the space available on your roof may play an important role in determining which option offers enough power. Per panel 1m2 will require around 5kW, and with 20 panels total, this leads us towards a minimum requirement per array piece (or block) Around 20 x 5 Kg = 100kg/220lbs – so make sure that any weight restrictions aren’t an issue before going too large.
  • Energy Requirements: The most suitable solar system size is going to have an estimated energy production that closely matches your household’s current electricity needs. This way, the unit can cover at least some of your monthly bills. As a rule-of-thumb, if you’re looking for something small enough so as not to use up all available space on rooftops (or just want more power than what would fit), try picking out a model with production estimates similar or higher than what was used during previous years’ usage.
  • Budget: When deciding on the right size of solar system for your home, one thing that can be a limiting factor is cost. Fortunately, due to drops in prices and Government rebates available that assist with upfront costs, there are more affordable options than ever before. The size of your home’s roof will determine what type you choose, but these days there are smaller options for less money than ever before.
  • Solar Power Usage: To get an accurate quote for your solar system, you need to know what size and wattage are right for the average property at risk in this area. Suppose winter power generation levels are different from summer ones. In that case, it will impact how much energy production capacity there is throughout every day/night period – which could lead some homeowners towards more expensive options than others with similar properties who haven’t taken these factors into account when deciding where they want their panels installed.

Compare solar panel systems

3kW Solar panels

If you want to go the DIY route and save some money, a 3kW solar system is perfect for your home. It can provide enough electricity for multiple daily use cases without costing anything out of pocket. What are the benefits of installing a 3kW solar system? On average, it can generate up to 13.2 units per day which is around two-thirds of your electricity needs in an Australian household. To put this into perspective, if you use 100% renewable energy, there’s no need for any other source because these technologies will take care of themselves.

5kW Solar systems

Grid-connected solar systems are the most common size for homes in Australia, with a 5kW to 7 kW installed. A system this large can produce enough energy and reduce your electricity bills fast enough that you will see an immediate return on investment. This size is cheaper than a 6kW system while supplying an adequate amount of power.

solar size vectorresized

6.6kw Solar power system

With a 6kW solar power system, you could generate up to 24 kilowatt-hours of electricity per day. This is more than the average Australian household uses, and it’s perfect if your home will only need feed-in tariff payments from surplus energy production during peak periods when prices are at their worst. A good quality 6kW or 6.6 solar system starts at around $4,500 to $7000.

10KW solar panels

With the growth of large solar systems, it is becoming easier and more affordable for homeowners to produce their electricity. A 10kW system can provide up to 40 kW/day, which would eliminate your need to consume any form outside sources! A typical Australian household uses around 20 kWh per day, meaning that a family having one such installation would have enough credits each week or month towards paying off its investment.

15kW solar panels

The 15kW Solar System is a serious amount of solar for the ordinary home – but it may be just what you need if your electricity consumption averages 40 kWh per day or higher. This size choice will work well with homes that want off-grid power and can’t use more than around 20 kilowatts (kW) at any given time because they would likely exceed their annual energy needs by doing so.

How much roof space do I need?

Solar panels typically come with standard dimensions of 1 meter by 0.7 meters (3’x2′), making them ideal candidates to be installed on homes. With lower power output, 250-360 watts per module compared against 400+ W. If you’re looking to go the solar route and have a 5kW system or higher, it is important that your roof can accommodate at least 24-30 250W panels. You’ll need about 25 square feet for every 1000 watts of power generated by these systems, which come out between 18 -34 meters squared.

Frequently asked questions and answers

  • What is the average solar system size?

    When considering the size and energy needs for a solar panel system, it is important to consider how many panels you will need. A typical 3×5 foot array can produce about 20% more than what one person requires daily – this means that 300 square feet (or 55 cubic meters)of space might be required if such an installation met all their needs!
  • What is a good size solar system?

    With solar power continuing to grow in popularity, it is no surprise that the size of typical systems has increased as well. Systems now typically range from 6-kW upsized installations for those with batteries or 10+ kW models capable of storing energy when there’s plenty around but not needed immediately. A 6.6kW system can power a medium-sized home in Australia.
  • How big is 5kW solar?

    When it comes to solar power, larger is not always better. A 5kW kit will require about 400 square feet of space for installation and can produce an estimated 650-kilowatt hours (kWh) worth per month. This is ideal for small or medium-sized households that don’t use too much electricity. This size solar panel system can also be used as a backup generator.
  • How do I determine what size solar system I need?

    There are a few factors you need to consider when choosing the ideal sized solar panel system for your home. You first need to look at how much energy and electricity you need to produce, how much space on your roof you have to install the system itself, your budget, and if you will want to extend your system in the future.
  • Should I oversize my solar system?

    When designing your system, it’s important that you take into account the maximum output of each component. For example, suppose there is more than one inverter in use or different types (e.g., solar power plus battery storage). In that case, they should be able to provide enough energy for all components with varying needs – which means larger sizes! A good rule-of-thumb when installing systems outdoors: aim 10% bigger than what will fit onto the site; 30 degree+ climates require increased dimensions up to 33%.

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