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5 Best Sheet Sets for a Comfortable and Restful Night’s Sleep

5 Best Sheet Sets for a Comfortable and Restful Night's Sleep
Lucille McNamara Published: 12 February 2021
We may be paid when readers visit links, purchase products or services from partners.

Considering that we spend almost half of our lives in bed, we should pay more attention to the bedding on which we sleep. Here we take a look at the best fabrics available on the market and how they affect our nocturnal creature comforts – fabrics that are soft and silky, organic and breathable, light with long retaining freshness, easy to wash and dry.

We tried to compare the best fabrics with different options such as sheets made from eco-friendly organic wood fibres. We also looked at Egyptian cotton sets with high thread counts for good breathability.

How we chose our top picks

We poured hundreds of online reviews to help you choose the best sheets to transform your nighttime rest into a comfortable, peaceful and pleasurable experience. We achieved this by selecting five of the best sheet sets we could find after comparing 20 leading brands with 36 different products.

Learn more about our methodology

Our top 5 bed sheet sets for 2021

Eco-friendly materials

Environmentally friendly fabrics have antibacterial and antifungal qualities that resist dust and mites:

Mint Green 6-Piece Egyptian cotton sheets —High Thread Count for Strength


  • 750 thread count.
  • Single-ply weft and double-ply warp weave
  • Six-piece set


  • Can create pilling which causes tiny balls to form on the fabric when fibres break apart and become tangled.

Price (RRP): $199.00

mint green
Source: Isador

This luxurious, high count Egyptian cotton set is a timeless mixture of soft shades of greige and light green. This six-piece set will complement any boudoir and features a minimal yarn-dyed jacquard organic motif trim. The high quality 750 thread count, single ply weft and double-ply warp weave increase the fabric’s strength. The sateen weave’s softness and lustre make this a welcome bedroom addition that sheds another layer of comfort to your sleeping hours.


Set includes:

  • 1 x flat sheet.
  • 1 x plain fitted sheet – elastic, 40cm deep.
  • 2 x pillow shams with jacquard yarn-dyed trim.
  • 2 x envelope pillowcases.

Customer Reviews

One happy customer describes this as “stunning Egyptian cotton sheets.”

Koala Sheets — Wood Fibre Fabric that Feels New for Longer


  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Temperature regulator.
  • 12-night risk-free trial.


  • The sheets and pillowcases are overly large.
  • The fabric cannot be dry-cleaned.

Price (RRP): $185.00

koala 2
Source: Koala

Koala Sheets are made from sustainably-sourced wood fibres, known as TENCEL™. This is an eco-friendly fabric which has won awards for its low environmental impact. The fabric is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen. The sheets are silky smooth, and the fabric is soft with a beautiful sheen. The weave is strong and durable, so your sheets maintain that brand new feel for longer. This bed clothing can be machine washed on a cold setting and gentle cycle. They can also be tumble dried on low heat. Do not use softener, bleach or chlorine. Sustainable wood fibres transformed into a smooth as silk and soft as butter fabric.


Set includes:

  • 1 fitted sheet 152cmX203cmX35 cm.
  • 1 flat sheet 245cmX260cm.
  • Duvet cover 210cmX210 cm.

Customer Reviews

Buyers of these koala sheets appear to be over the moon with the quality, although one customer feels that the sheets and pillowcases are overly large. Comments include “the nicest sheets I’ve ever slept in” and “they seem freshly-washed all week.”

1500TC Cotton Rich 4-Piece Mega Queen Bed Set — Easy Care Option


  • Good breathability fabric.
  • Machine washable.
  • Crease-resistant.


  • Will crease if tumble dried.

Price (RRP): $69.99

1500TC Cotton Rich 4-Piece Mega Queen Bed Set — Easy Care Option
Source: Amazon

This 1500 thread count consists of 55% super-fine long fibre cotton and 45% polyester blend. The sateen fabric is soft to the touch and has long-lasting and easy-care features. Matching quilt cover sets are available in store. This high density woven cotton blend fabric is an easy-care option that is machine washable and wrinkle resistant.


Set includes:

  • 1 Flat Sheet 245x260cm.
  • 1 Fitted Sheet 152×203+50cm with 50cm Extra Deep Pocket.
  • 2 Pillow Cases 50x75cm.

Customer Reviews

Mixed reviews of this product – while described as good budget sheets, one customer expressed serious doubts about the 1500 thread count because the fabric is “light and flimsy”, a sentiment shared by several other buyers.

Urban Hut Egyptian Cotton 4-Piece Set —Best breathability


  • Washes well.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Soft to the touch.


  • Cotton creases easily.

Price (RRP): $258.65

Urban Hut Egyptian Cotton 4-Piece Set —Best breathability
Source: Amazon

These 800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets carry a 100% money-back guarantee. The flat sheet has elastic that stretches snugly over the mattress, and the material is crafted from the finest quality cotton yarns, ensuring breathability and a relaxing night’s rest. This set forms part of Urban Hut’s luxury bed sheets hotel collection.


Set includes:

  • 1 flat sheet 228.5cmx259cm.
  • 1 fitted sheet 152.5cmx203cm.
  • Extra-deep 40.5cm pockets.
  • 2 pillow cases 53cmx81cm.

Customer Reviews

These cotton sheets are described as excellent quality. Buyers say the sheets are soft and comfortable. However, there have been complaints that the sheets are thin “you can see daylight through” and not worth the price. Despite the thickness of the fabric, users agree that they wash well.

Bamboo Lyocell Sheet Set — For Breathable Comfort


  • Free from harmful chemicals.
  • Ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Pre-washed.
  • Packaged in a reusable drawstring bag.


  • Can only be machine washed in cold water.
  • Is prone to *pilling.

Price (RRP): $198.00

Source: Ettitude

The Lyocell Bamboo Sheet Set is a sustainable bamboo fabric. The soft sateen weave is smooth and comfortable against your skin and assists with temperature regulation. Made with 100% organic bamboo, the fabric has a cooling effect as it is breathable, ensuring a comfortable sleep. The fitted sheet has deep pockets for a snug fit of up to 50cm. Comparable to a 1,000 thread count cotton fabric, these bamboo sheets are hypoallergenic.


Set includes:

  • 1 fitted sheet.
  • 1 flat sheet.
  • 2 standard pillowcases.

Customer Reviews

Comments include: “The sheets are divine, so soft and have resolved my temperature issues. I’m experiencing heavenly sleep.” “…perfect for summer nights.” “It’s like sleeping on a silky cloud.”

What to consider before buying bed sheets

Compare the top bed sheet sets

Mint Green Egyptian cotton$199.00
  • Weave strengthened fabric deters pilling
  • Soft and lustrous
  • Money-back guarantee
Koala sheets & duvet$185.00
  • Eco-friendly wood fibre fabric
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 120-night risk-free trial
1500TC cotton-rich sheet set$69.99
  • Cotton/polyester blend
  • Easy-care features
  • 1-year warranty
Urban Hut Egyptian cotton$258.65
  • Soft sateen weave
  • Breathable fabric
  • 100% money-back guarantee
Lyocell Bamboo Sheet Set$198.00
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Temperature regulation
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee

Source: Amazon, Ettitude, Koala, Isado, February 2021

Our methodology

20 brands examined

36 products compared

5 products chosen

Brands Compared

To choose the best wireless earphones, we considered the following brands:

We then carefully read hundreds of online reviews given by customers who have bought and tried these products. We looked at the features of each bed sheet set to see how they performed.

We then chose the top 5 sheet sets in terms of cost, thread count and comfort based on our research.

Take note: We have not reviewed all products on the market, and we may receive compensation when you click links on our site or purchase products or services from partners. However, we value our editorial independence, and all reviews and comparisons are based on an unbiased analysis of our research.


There can be little doubt that a good set of sheets makes going to bed more appealing. If you want to invest in sheets that feel great and stand the test of time, then we hope that our research has helped to make your decision that bit easier. If you choose Egyptian cotton, you are investing in comfort and durability.

Should you prefer the less expensive option of a cotton/polyester blend, then you can enjoy easy care maintenance without the creasing associated with 100% cotton. Natural eco-friendly fabrics such as those made from wood fibres and bamboo are also trendy, offering many of the high-end features of quality linen and more hypoallergenic qualities.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • What type of sheets are best for me?

    It is generally believed that the best quality sheets are 100% Egyptian cotton. They are very durable because of their extra-long-staple fibres. However, various other fabric choices are equally good, so, in the end, the sheets that are best for you boils down to individual taste.
  • What’s the deal with thread count?

    Thread count refers to the number of vertical and horizontal threads per square inch. Generally, the higher the thread count, the more likely the fabric will wear well and become softer overtime. Remember, though, that a thread count of 200 can be just as good as sheets that range well above that number.
  • Do I need a flat sheet under my duvet?

    There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to using a flat sheet under a duvet. The European tradition is to use only a duvet over a fitted bottom sheet. The choice depends on the individual. Some feel happy sleeping directly under a duvet as it has a washable cover. Others prefer the feel of a separate top sheet, especially during warmer months when a duvet becomes too hot for a comfortable night’s sleep.
  • How many types of bed sheets are there?

    There are two main types of bed sheets – fitted and flat. A fitted sheet is sewn with elastic hems that allow it to be stretched across a mattress base. Fitted sheets can also be secured with drawstrings. A flat sheet is quite simply a rectangular sheet of material.
  • What kind of material is best for bed sheets?

    Cotton is always the answer to this question, but the advent of eco-friendly fabrics may soon level the playing field. While Egyptian cotton is regarded as the best fabric for bed sheets, be aware of misrepresentations that are becoming more commonplace – products labelled as Egyptian cotton which in reality is anything but what is stated on the packaging.

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