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10 Best Solar Inverters Compared

solar inverters
Georgia Carter Updated: 11 February 2022
We may be paid when readers visit links, purchase products or services from partners.

Are you looking for the best inverter for solar? Solar inverters are an important part of any solar energy system. They take the direct current (DC) output of the solar panels and convert it to alternating current (AC) so that it can be used in your home or business. There are many different types of solar inverters, and it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. That’s where our solar inverter reviews come in. 

We’ve tested all the major brands and can help you find the best product and service for yourself. Not only are our solar panel inverters some of the most efficient on the market, but they also come with a warranty should anything go wrong. You can rest assured that you’re making a sound investment when choosing a rated Best Solar Inverter. Learn more about our solar inverters and find the perfect one for your needs with our solar inverter comparison.

Key facts

  • It’s important to review the size, cost, efficiency, warranty, and monitor availability of inverters before making your final choice.
  • As a general rule, a 6.6kw sized solar panel system requires a 6.6kw sized inverter.
  • Solar inverters range in efficiency rating, with the lowest being around 90% and the highest being 99.5%.
  • Inverters generally cost between $1,000 and $3,000.
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What is a solar power inverter?

When it comes to solar energy, an inverter is one of the most important pieces of equipment. It converts direct current (DC) electricity from a panel generated by solar panels into alternating current, which can be used for things like powering lights or other devices in your house. First, there has got have been some conversion happening. In fact, inverters are just part of this class called power electronics, which regulates flow patterns within circuits involving many different types/brands.

How to choose the best solar inverter

There’s a lot to consider when thinking about what type of inverter is right for your home. You’ll want one with the proper power output and installation, but also take into account things like price range as well

  • Size: When installing solar panels, it’s important that you use an inverter with the correct power rating for your system. Solar systems range in size from 1kW all the way up to 40+ kW, and because of this, there are many models available which will meet any need imaginable! It has been reported by some installers to advise purchasing undersized units so as not to damage future addition modules, but if you plan on adding more than 4KW is worth then consider getting one larger now instead.
  • Efficiency: The efficiency of an inverter is a measure of how much electricity it can convert to AC. For example, if your solar system produces 92%, then eight per cent would be wasted in the process, and most have efficiencies over 95%. Some units even reach 99.5%.
  • Cost: When installing a solar inverter, the costs vary depending on how big and powerful you need your machine. The most expensive is $2k with extra features such as a battery management system (BMS). If purchasing separately without any rebates available, then expect an additional expense of around 300 dollars for installation services to make sure everything fits well together before moving forward
  • Warranty: We recommend choosing an inverter with the longest warranty period possible. For example, if your electricity costs are low in areas where it’s affordable to own a generator, then 10 years might not matter as much, but this could add up for those who spend more on their power bill every month. Maintaining proper insulation will help extend its lifespan, so make sure any appliance being used has been tested before entering into new territory by checking out what kind of coverage comes standard or whether extended services exist through providers
  • Monitor Ability: Monitoring your solar system is important for several reasons. Not only does it help you track how much electricity the panels are producing and charging up their battery, but also what time of day or night they’re generating the most power.

Best solar inverters

There are many brands and inverters in the crowded marketplace of solar power. Choosing the right inverter to suit your solar system, budget, and energy needs can be challenging. To make it easier for you, we’ve researched and listed the top 10 solar inverters in Australia for 2022. Each list includes the efficiency rating and warranty of the individual inverter. 

Fronius Inverters 

Top of our list is Fronius Inverters. This solar company provides numerous sized solar inverters that cater to a variety of solar panel systems. Fronius supplies inverters that hold one of the highest efficiency ratings in the world of solar inverters. With a five-year warranty and the option to add another five years, this solar company provides its customers with only the best deal. Fronius is among the most expensive solar inverter company, but it’s worth the value. 


If you’re looking for a smal, compact, yet efficient inverter, one from SMA is ideal for you. Each inverter comes with a smart technology monitor to help you keep an eye on your energy production. These inverters have a 97% efficiency rating, which is considered high for it’s minute size. Each inverter recipes a five year warranty, with option to extend. 

Solar Edge 

It may not be cheap, but an inverter from Solar Edge is one of the best products in the market. These inverters come in a range of different sizes to suit every homeowner. It’s prized ability is it’s 99.2% efficiency rating, one of the highest to exist. Not only that, but Solar Edge offers a 12-year warranty, ideal for long-term users and those wanting to off-grid. 

solar inverters


Remaining affordable, extremely efficient, and harbouring the ability to revert to battery power, a solar inverter from Huawei is an ideal choice. While the largest size is only 6.6kw, each inverter offers a 98.4% efficiency rating. With a warranty of 10 years, Huawei offers long-term customer service should anything go wrong. Each inverter is a hybrid model, meaning the inverter can be used if there are any electrical problems. 

Enphase micro-inverters 

For a decent, compact, and efficient solar inverter, Enphase is the way to go. Holding an impressive 97.5% efficiency rating and a lifespan of over 10 years, this affordable inverter is ideal for homeowners starting out with solar systems. Each inverter also includes a smart technology monitor, which provides information on each individual solar panel rather than the entire system as a whole. 


If you’re looking for a large inverter for either a business or large household, ABB inverters is the way to go. With inverters ranging up to 50kw, you will be able to power and support mammoth buildings. Each inverter comes with an efficiency rating of 97%, a high-tech monitor, and a lengthy 10-year warranty. 

Outback power inverter 

Outback solar inverters come in a range of sizes for both home and business owners. It may not be the most efficient inverter out there with a 90% efficiency rating, but its compact design provides everything you need in an inverter without being overbearing. 

Ginlong Solis 

Solis inverters hold excellent efficiency ratings, often ranging from 97.8% to a decent 98.3%. Each inverter is equipped with a smart technology monitor, which informs homeowners of absolutely everything they need to know when it comes to their solar power system. In addition, Solis offers a five year warranty with an option to extend to 10 years. 


Sol-Ark inverters are extremely affordable for the quality customers receive. With a good efficiency rating of 96.5% and a lengthy 10-year warranty, these inverters are ideal for those starting out or planning to maintain a small to medium sized solar panel system. 

Morningstar Corporation 

One of the cheapest options, Morningstar Corporation offers semi-efficent inverters and a two-year warranty. However, the price and sizing of these inverters makes this company worth looking into if you’re planning on getting a small solar system or travelling around. 

Review the best solar inverter brands

The following table consists of our top 10 chosen inverters for Australia in 2022, the general prices each inverter from the specific brands may cost, and the average efficiency rating the inverters procure. It’s important to note that the prices below are not set prices for each brand’s inverter but a general price estimate. Some inverters may cost less or more, depending on the brand and size of the inverter.

Company NameAverage CostEfficiency Rating
Fronius Inverters$1,990 – $2,29098 – 99.5%
SMA$1,800 – $2,45097%
Solar Edge$1,800 – $2,00099.2%
Huawei$1,250 – $1,70098.6% – 98.65%
Enphase micro-inverters$140 – $16097.5%
ABB$1,150 – $1,80097%
Outback power inverter$1,900 – $2,00090 – 93%
Ginlong Solis$1,100 – $1,70098.3%
Morningstar CorporationCompany Name$700 – $1,20097%

Source: Cyanenergy (February 2022)

Frequently asked questions and answers

  • What is the best solar inverter brand?

    The answer to this question depends entirely on what kind of solar power system you have, your budget, and what you consider the most beneficial aspect of an inverter. For example, if you don’t have a limited budget and want the most efficient inverter for your solar panel system, we recommend the Solar Edge inverters. However, if you’d like a high standard inverter for an affordable price, opt for an inverter from ABB.
  • What are the top 5 solar inverters?

    The top five inverters on our list, in particular, are the Fronius Inverters, Solar Edge, Huawei, Ginlong Solis, and Enphase micro-inverters. These are our top five picks for the best solar system inverters in Australia due to their efficiency ratings and reasonable prices. If you’re looking for the ultimate best inverter for a solar panel, we have chosen the Fronius Inverters.
  • Which kind of solar inverter do I need for a 6.6kw solar panel system?

    If you possess a 6.6-kilowatt solar panel system, you will most likely require a 6.6-kilowatt solar inverter to accommodate your system. However, if you wish to expand your solar system in the future, you may think of purchasing a larger solar system inverter, such as a 10kw inverter. It’s important to understand how inverters work before making your final purchase.
  • Where can I find the best solar inverters?

    When it comes to finding the ideal solar inverter for your home, it’s important to review and compare various products and brands. Remember to analyse the different prices, sizes, efficiency rating, and warranties as these can differ drastically. While the more expensive and efficient inverters are often seen as more valuable, you may be able to find your perfect inverter for a cheaper price and longer warranty. Request a quote from one of the above providers to start your solar inverter comparison.
  • How much do solar inverters cost?

    The price of a solar inverter is dependent on a few factors. These include the brand the inverter is made by, the size of the inverter to fit your solar system, and the efficiency rating. The most expensive inverters cost around $2,500 to $3,000, while an inexpensive inverter can cost about $1,150. It’s important to review and compare inverters and prices before making your final choice.

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