Aviva insurance applications closing soon to be rebranded as MLC insurance

Finalisation of the rebranding of Aviva Insurance to MLC Insurance has been put into place. A 30 day grace period has been given to Aviva life insurance applications dated before 2 October 2010.

If you currently have an Aviva life insurance application in process dated prior to 2 October 2010, please contact one of our advisers to see if we can get your application finalised before the grace period ends.

If your application is not received before the cut-off date you will have to reapply for the MLC Protectionfirst policy.

Once your Aviva life insurance application is finalised you will be issued an MLC branded Protectionfirst PDS with your policy documents.

MLC Insurance is only licensed to use the Aviva Insurance brand until 2 October 2010.

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