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    8 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Mums

    8 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Moms
    Georgia Carter Fact Checked Updated: 26 October 2023
    We may be paid when readers visit links, purchase products or services from partners.

    Being a mother is one of the best gifts life can offer – but it’s also time-consuming. With so much
    going on, we often find that we don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything we need to
    be done. Luckily, there are a handful of hacks that can help you save time so you can ease your
    way through each day.

    This post is designed to help busy mums improve efficiency and functioning in the household
    will these home life hacks, so you can spend time doing what you love and what is most
    important to you. With these eight simple yet effective time-saving tips, you’ll be able to manage
    the day’s chores while still having time for both your family and yourself.


    Key facts

    • Organisation the night before can be one of the most efficient and time-saving tips you
      can adopt.
    • Start being smart when it comes to purchasing life insurance for your family. You don’t
      have to do it alone when there are many resources to help you make the best decision.
    • The internet is your friend. Start ordering online, automating payments, and utilising
      comparing programmes to save you time.
    • Get the whole family involved to create a functional, productive, and efficient household.

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    What is the Make the most of your time as a busy parent.

    As busy moms, juggling a million things can get frantic. However, a wide range of time-saving
    and life hacks at home you can adopt that proves efficient and functional. From pre-planning
    and organisation to a simple colour coding technique and just saying no, below are eight simple
    yet effective tips to save you valuable time, energy, and money.

    1. Get organised the night before

    When you have kids, your job often begins as soon as you wake up, and sometimes even before. It’s therefore recommended that you organise your morning the night before. Put out your children’s clothes so they’re ready as soon as they rise and pre-pack their lunch bags, so you don’t have to rush to complete them right before school. If you’re looking for the ideal lunch boxes that will keep their food fresh and secure.

    2. Set your kids up for success

    If you don’t have a plan for the day or even for the week, things can get chaotic. Setting up a schedule for both you and your children can dramatically improve efficiency within the home. Routine is one of the best ways to bolster productively and to tick off those to-do list objectives. It also encourages and improves self-will, motivation, and success. Even Sunday, plan out the week ahead and stick to your plan.

    3. Start meal planning

    Many of us spend far too long wondering what we’re going to make for all three meals you need to make in a single day, not to mention meals for the entire week. Not planning can cause unnecessary stress and waste your precious time. Try planning your weekly meals. That way, you’ll have a shopping list for the week, and you won’t have to give a second thought to any meal of the day.

    You could also get smart about cooking, by using a slow cooker to batch cook meals for the week. That way, you don’t have to be leaning over the stove for hours on end, but you’ll be able to carve out a few extra hours in the day to complete other tasks for yourself.

    4. Use your commute productively

    Driving to and from school, especially during traffic hours, can shave some much needed time off your days. Instead of driving your kids every time, start a carpool with other parents or ask your kids to take the school bus every other day. This is not only environmentally friendly but will also save you time.

    5. Implement a family colour code

    A household requires a lot of work to run and maintain, not to mention managing all the kids who live within. Instead of frantically getting your child or children to complete their chores, homework, and the tasks they need to do to look after themselves, try colour coding everything. Every family member gets assigned a colour, and whichever chore or object has the matching colour, it’s that person’s responsibility. This saves time haggling over who has to do what and which toothbrush is mine.

    6. Get smart about how you buy life insurance

    Life insurance is especially important to consider if you have a family. However, searching for the policy that best suits you can take a hefty amount of time. Luckily, we have the ideal solution for you. Compare life insurance companies, policies, and prices in no time through our online comparison.

    How a life insurance broker could help you save even more time

    Considering what you need from a life insurance policy, not to mention which company, plan, and the price is best suited for you, can take up valuable time and money. However, you can save both by utilising a life insurance broker who can find the ideal policy to suit your family requirements.

    Get life insurance with rewards

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    • Free to use
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    7. Set up a family command centre

    It’s stressful enough having to manage your own time and tasks, not to mention having to do the same for your children. It can often lead to chaos trying to delegate certain things when everyone is running around not paying attention. To combat this issue, set a command centre at home. This can be the kitchen or lounge, and when it’s time to gather the family and get down to business, the environment is already set up for productivity.

    8. Learn to say no

    Saying yes every time can have serious implications in the future and waste some of your precious time. You don’t have to do everything that is asked of you, and you need to prioritise both your time and energy to what is most important. Therefore, start saying no to some requests and don’t feel bad about taking that time out for yourself.

    This post reveals eight of the best and most efficient time-saving hacks for busy moms. Learn all about meal planning and prepping, carpooling, how to easily take out life insurance, and numerous other life hacks at home so you can save both time and energy.

    Other hacks for saving time for the whole family

    One of the biggest struggles for a busy mum is finding time to do everything. With kids, school work, jobs and housework it’s often difficult to squeeze in anything else. But there are hacks that can help you save time so that you have more time with your family and friends too!

    Here are some more tips on how to make the most out of every day:

    Frequently asked questions and answers.

    • How can a mom save time?

      There are numerous ways busy moms can save time. This includes meal planning and prepping for the week, setting up and sticking to a strong schedule and routine, colour coding both items and chores, and setting up a carpool system. Another way to save precious time is to use valuable comparing services when taking out health or life insurance.
    • How can I be productive before bed?

      Switch the screens off before you go to bed and instead start setting up the morning tasks. This includes packing the children’s lunchboxes for school the next day, putting out both their and your clothes, and making a scheduled plan for the day ahead. Try setting an alarm and waking up even half an hour before you normally do so you can make the most of your day ahead.
    • What is the best tip for saving time in the mornings?

      One of the best time-saving tips for the mornings is to set everything out the night before. This can be already packed lunches or breakfast meals that have been prepped the night before, so it won’t take you long to assemble. It can also mean putting out everyone’s clothes and investing in products such as a coffee machine with a timer, so you don’t have to worry about making it yourself.
    • Are there any time-saving techniques for my finances?

      Plan out a budget for each month and week beforehand. That way, you know exactly what you can and should be spending and can control your finances more efficiently. One of the most valuable ways to save time regarding finances is to automate your bill-paying. This means that your bills are paid every month without you having to lift a finger, which also unburdens you from this unnecessary stress.
    • Can a broker help me cut down the time it takes to get life insurance?

      Yes, speaking to a broker when you are thinking of taking out a life insurance plan can save valuable time and energy. It can be extremely time-consuming to self-compare companies, plans, and prices yourself, and this task can often prove overwhelming. Organising a life insurance broker is one of the most efficient methods of savings you can make when it comes to purchasing life insurance.

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